Kendra had taken the second pill just before she went out for her daily walk, the first one had done quite the job on her mind but for some reason it had left her body a little underdeveloped. Her bimbo brain had spend all night working out the logic, if one wasn’t enough, surly two would do the job right!

When her shirt had popped open due to her expanding tits she had giggled and almost fallen over, only just catching her balance before she dirtied her white stockings. She grabbed her shirt and tried to close it again, failing as they continued to balloon outward.

Luckily her ass was expanding as quickly balancing her out. It was pulling her pink skirt up exposing her pussy to anyone who might walk by. She stayed down for a few more moments until she was sure everything was compete and then tentatively rose up again.

Her shirt was useless now so she just let it hang there, her skirt, which had just covered her pussy when she left the house failed to do so now. She didn’t care though, her mind was even farther gone now, she simply reached down and started playing with herself. She backed up a few paces and leaned against wall, bringing herself to orgasm shortly afterwards.

Her screams of passion had brought Jeremy out of the house, she looked up at him, a deep hunger in her eyes. Minutes later they were back in the bedroom fucking, it was the last time she left the house without proper supervision.