Justice Girl was staking her prey, her former mentor, Lady Justice. She knew she had no chance of getting her away from Dr. Taylor at his house, there were too many ex heroes there, now all completely loyal to him. That’s why she was on the porn set waiting for LJ to return to her dressing room between takes.

She was behind the door, ready to pounce. Her own powers were no match for LJ’s head on, but if she could land a surprise kick she’d be able to take her down and get her help. She didn’t notice the slight feeling of energy coming from the wall behind her, she was so focused on getting the drop on LJ.

A minute later Lady Justice heard her drop to the floor like a sack of rocks from outside the room where she had mounted the small gadget Dr. Taylor had given her just for this kind of emergency. She entered the room and picked up her former sidekick and flew back to the house.

Dr. Taylor was surprised to see them, but was not one to turn down an opportunity and quickly strapped Justice Girl on to the table and attached the programming helmet. Justice Girl fared no better against the helmet when she awoke than the others, her struggles lasted mere seconds before she quietly succumbed.

Justice Girl was so happy to be learning from her mentor again, the last few weeks had been a real whirlwind of new experiences. Her new costume matched Lady Justice’s again and that made her giggle when she thought about it.

Today they were on set doing a pool scene, JG had been fluffing LJ all morning, licking her pussy to keep it wet and sucking on her nipples to keep them hard. But now they had a problem, LJ had exhausted all the men on set and they still needed more scenes for the movie.

Justice Girl knew though that Lady Justice would have a plan and it turned out she did. She returned to her change room and a few minutes later came out sporting a strap on dildo, she looked right at JG.

“Like, come over her JG, it’s totally time for you to lose your cherry!”

Justice Girl place her hands daintily on each side of her face, bounced up and down on her plump ass as said, “Oh my god, oh my god! Are you serious? Thank you LJ! I won’t let you down this time!”

Justice Girl jumped up and got on to the sun cot, face down with her ass in the air. Lady Justice wasted no time and started to use the dildo on her.

Justice Girl was in heaven, she was working under her mentor again and Lady Justice was teaching her yet another new lesson that she knew she’d be using again real soon.