Dawn Lighting coursed through the power cables, traveling swiftly to Dr. Taylor’s lab. She could sense the huge draw of power he was using there and it pulled her towards it. She didn’t know how he had come to be the ambassador to Darkania, but his diplomatic immunity wouldn’t stop her from getting justice for her fellow heroes.

She shot out of the power grid in to the lab, her gold costume with white star bursts forming instantly around her. Her long blond hair framing her face. In the room were two people, Lady Justice and Dr. Taylor.

She quickly attached Lady Justice, as much as she hated to do it she was no longer her long time friend and was the greatest threat in the room. The battle was fierce but LJ could not handle her energy blasts for long and eventually collapsed in a heap of junk on one side of the room.

She turned to Dr. Taylor but her attention was diverted by one of the machines. It was humming to her, a song she could not resist, the energy it was generating drew her in. She tried to resist but felt herself being pulled towards it.

Of it’s own accord her body once more transformed in to energy and leap towards the machine, embracing it fully. Her own energy mixing with that of the machines, changing her, adding to her, manipulating her.

Outside the doctor worked the console of the machine, twisting nobs and pressing buttons. Lady Justice regained consciousness and walked over.

“Like, wow, DL really packs a wallop doc!”

“Yes she did, it was a good thing you managed to keep her busy long enough for me to start up the Bimb-O-Tron here.”

Lady Justice had a small orgasm at the compliment and dropped to her knees so she could show Doctor Taylor just how good she could be.

Dusk Lightning was posing for her first photo shoot, she looked right at the brightest flash, drawn to it’s energy each time it went off. Each flash sparkling in her eyes and sent quivers to her pussy.

“Ok Dusky, take off the jacket now.”

She complied with a small giggle and removed it. Her hands roamed up and down the sleek latex of her new costume finally finding her pussy. Lady Justice stepped out from behind the camera to join her and shortly afterwards she came in a powerful orgasm, causing all the lights in the room to explode.

“Like, did Dusky do that? Dusky’s so sorry! *giggle*”

The rest of the shoot would have to wait, now it was time for Dusky to repair the favour to her old friend, she used her tongue to lick LJ’s pussy, small sparks of energy jumping from it to LJ’s clit. In no time LJ was coming hard and Dusky was happy to have helped her friend.