I’d been dating Camila for several months before she finally told me she had two twin sisters. She was the ‘youngest’ of the three, Abigale and Beatrice were both a few minutes older. Just like any siblings there had quickly formed a pecking order between them as they grew up and Camila was at the bottom which is why she really didn’t like spending any time with them any more.

A year in to our relationship and our sex life had kind of fizzled out, we still loved each other but we had needed to find some way to spice up the bedroom. She had found the control collar on the Internet and it had re-ignited our love life. After some initial tentative forays, she found giving up control to me was a huge turn on for her.

It was some time after this, at a family function, that her relationship with her sisters changed. It was subtle at first, they were less combative to her and deferred to me more often. It was at Christmas this year though that it came to head.

I had brought the control collar with us to her parents house where everyone was staying for the holidays. I figured we’d play some “naughty teenager at the parents house” games with it and Camila had eagerly agreed. We had all turned in early after a long Christmas day and I placed the collar around Camila’s neck. A quick programming session later and we were making out like, well, horny teenagers.

A few minutes later we heard a noise in the hallway and we paused to check it out, Camila, still playing the horny teenager continued to rub her clit as I approached the door. I tuned the handle quietly and to my surprise it swung open immediately. Abigale and Beatrice tumbled in to the room dressed in skimpy lingerie, they looked up and me with need in their eyes.

Somehow the collar had effected them as well, they were blushing and apologizing for snooping outside the door, acting like teenagers themselves that were curious about what their sister was doing with her boyfriend in her room after school.

I told them to get on the bed with their sister and I’d show them, they did so as I closed the door. Before I made it back to the bed, all three of them were masturbating, Abigale and Beatrice had taken up position on each side of their sister.

I walked over to the programmer and made a few quick changes. Camila’s hands moved from her own body over to her sisters pussies, displacing their own hands so they could play with their sisters clit.

When I rejoined Camila on the bed, all three’s attention turned to me for the rest of the night.

Since that night, Abbi and Betti have moved in to our house, they spend most of their time in the collars, being directed by Camila, their web cam show if very popular. When I get home though, Cammi joins them and lately their favorite game has been “Latex Sex Dolls” and I have to admit, its been mine as well.