Candice lay on the floor squirming in heat, she had taken the pill just a few minutes ago and while she had heard it effected everyone differently, she never expected such a radical change. Her mousy brown hair was now luscious blond, her breasts were large and sensitive, her waist tight and her legs long.

She touched her hair and it felt soft and full, her other hand going to her breast, sending a wave of pleasure to her brain. She moved her hand from her hair to her lips, instinctively sucking on a finger as her other hand moved down her body to her pussy.

Minutes later she was reaching her peak as the last of the mental changes took place and just like the physical ones, they were more radical than average. As she orgasmed, her mind was purged of all thoughts that were not of pleasure and sex. Her body came down from the orgasmic high but her mind stayed right there in that moment.