Chantal looked in the mirror, the pill and done wonders for her and face, but her lips stood out as the big change.

She selected a light pink lip gloss and started to apply it, her whole body shivered as the sensation sent waves of pleasure through her. She stopped only momentarily to regain her composure before continuing again. It took several more pauses to complete but when she had she leaned in to the mirror to get a good look at the result.

She was so close to the mirror she almost wanted to kiss the girl in the mirror. She giggled at the thought before decided she might as well. Her lips touched the mirror and the pleasure returned, a moan escaped them.

She pulled back, looking at the smear on the mirror. There was something missing, something she needed. She walked in to the bedroom to her nightstand, finding a dildo she sometimes used when she was desperate.

She placed her lips on it’s head and sucked in in, taking it deep in to her throat. Minutes later she was coming, just from the action of it sliding over her lips.

She couldn’t wait to find a real dick to suck on, she knew it would be even better.