Teressa came back to reality and looked around. The room was empty, no furniture, no people, nothing.

She was nearly naked again and sitting on the cold floor. It had been happening more often lately, she didn’t remember how she got there or what had happened, but her body felt like it had been well used.

She found the short plaid skirt, the tight white shirt and her small purse in the corner of the room and put them on. Each time it was the same outfit, each time when she returned home she swore she’d throw it out.

She found a single subway token in her purse and headed out the door. The ride home was humiliating, she was almost 30 but dressed up like a sex crazed school girl. Everyone stared, a few made passes and some more lewd suggestions.

When she finally made it in the door to her apartment all she wanted to do was take a shower and go to sleep but her phone was flashing and so she checked her voice mail.


Teressa froze in place and her mind went blank.

“No time to waste Tessa, your next party is ready. Get cleaned up and read to go, I’ll text you the address.”

Thirty minutes later Tessa was ready to go, she checked her outfit and it was perfect, she loved teasing the boys at school with it. She checked her found the addresses and headed out.

She was getting wet just thinking of all the guys on the subway that would be checking her out, maybe if one of the asked, she’d give him a blowjob on the way.