Cindy played with the candy necklace again. Her boyfriend had given it too her because he knew she had a soft spot for the cheese candy of her childhood.

The first piece she had eaten had tasted so good that she quickly crunched a second and third. That’s when she noticed the change in her hair, she pulled at her now blond locks and giggled.

She played with the candy again, it couldn’t be the cause could it? She tried to resist, but the smell filled her nostrils and her the taste still lingered on ther tongue. She crunched another one and felt her chest pushed out.

She had to stop, but the need was too great and she eat several more. She looked up as her boyfriend came back in to the room and giggled again. He had given them to her so it must be what he wanted and the thought made her so happy.

She pulled the candy back up to her mouth and teased them across her lips, just one more wouldn’t hurt would it?