Penny was nervous as she entered the Darkania embassy, she had never gone undercover before. The limited training Flag Bearer had given her before her capture hadn’t progressed to undercover work.

She had a big advantage though, only FB knew she even existed, they hadn’t officially announced Penny Pennant as FB’s official sidekick yet and so she could get inside without raising suspicion.

But now, carrying her resume and walking through the front door it hit her all at once. She nearly turned around and ran back home, but she owned FB more then that and steeled her nerves and proceeded inside.

‘Ambassador’ Taylor interviewed her himself, if she’d been more experience that might have set of alarm bells, but she was just so happy to have gotten the job. She didn’t quite remember the interview, she seemed to blank out shortly after it started and then she remembered a brief moment of panic and struggle as she was tied down to a table of some kind. But after that everything was perfectly clear.

She loved her new uniform, it was so close to FB’s she had almost come just putting it on.

Now she was strutting her stuff in front of the camera that FB was holding, showing her exactly how much she wanted to be just like her mentor.

Maybe, she thought, if she was good enough, FB would get Ambassador Taylor to give her big fake tits too. She quivered at the idea, walked over to FB and dropped to her knees to convince her she was going to be the best sidekick ever.