Eve looked over at the doorway, there was still no one there. She’d taken the first pill to take off a few years and feel better about herself. When she’d been horny afterwards she’d called her boyfriend and he seemed eager to come over but kept refusing to.

That was until she had agreed to take the second pill, then he’d said he would be right over. That had been fifteen minutes ago and the second pill had left her in desperate need. She’d already masturbated twice and that hadn’t helped at all.

She heard the front door open and close, he was here finally! An image of his dick flashed in her mind and she had a small orgasm that only fueled her need to new heights. He enter her bedroom, walking like a god.

“Wow Eve, those are some mighty big tits!”

Her whole body shivered, yes they were big tits and he seemed to like them. She quickly removed her lingerie exposing herself to him.

When he returned the favour and revealed his dick, she dropped to her knees, took him in her mouth and found her true purpose in life.