Jordan heard Bill snap his fingers and she came out of the trace staring at her reflection in the mirror. She didn’t know how long she’d been under but it must have been quite a while, maybe days, as her old brown hair was now platinum blond and she didn’t own any black makeup.

She turned her head towards him to start to protest, they’d played with hypnosis many times but never anything like this. She was going to have a devil of a time explaining her hair at work.

He snapped his fingers again and she froze in place.

“Sorry about that Jordan, for this final phase I had to bring you out of the trance for a moment.”

‘Final phase?’ Jordon thought but couldn’t speak the words.

“Now, let’s begin. The following statements are true, you will repeat them back to me and as you do they will become the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

Jordan tried to resist but her mind wouldn’t let her.

“You are Jordan Doll.”

“I am Jordan Doll.” She responded and it was the truth.

“You are a sex doll.”

“I am a sex doll.”

“You belong to me.”

“I belong to you.”

“You exist to please me.”

“I exist to please you.”

Bill snapped his fingers again and she came to again. She dropped to her knees, looking up at Bill.

“How may Jordan Doll please her owner?”

“I think I’ll start with your mouth, open wide dolly.”

Jordan Doll opened her mouth and tilted her head back slightly to give her owner better access as he approached with his dick in his hand.