Rebecca had found the uniform on the bed when she got up that morning. Ben had left hours ago for work and as usual she had turned over and gone back to sleep when he had gotten up.

She planned to watch some TV and then have lunch with a friend before hitting the salon in the afternoon. When she saw the uniform she chuckled at the joke, Ben had been on her case for months about doing more around the house and this was obviously his way of making a point.

She’d have to teach him a lesson and have a headache later when he wanted to have sex. She grabbed the uniform to toss it out and as soon as she did a tingling secession shot up her arm.

“Oh! Oooooohhhhhh….mmmmmm!”

The feeling moved throughout her body and found several of her hot button areas all at once. She dropped to her knees beside the bed from the feeling and buried her face in the uniform which enhanced the feeling.

Soon enough she was putting the uniform on, basking in the feeling as she pulled up up her body. The sensation as she rolled the stockings up her legs, the thrill of placing the head band on. It all came to a climax as she tied the thin piece of material around her neck.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house and preparing for Ben to return. She knew he’d be home right at 6pm and so she set herself up in the kitchen, making sure to display her legs and breasts, she had a cappuccino ready for him.

When he entered the door she lowered her head and turned away a bit, she’d been so mean to him, she hoped he might spank her later to teach her a lesson.