Jessica had been playing soccer all of her life, at least for as long as she could remember and she was very good at it. She wanted to make it her career but she knew that there was little chance of her being able to play professionally. The few pro teams for women around didn’t pay enough to live on and she didn’t want to settle for some second rate life.

When the new pro league formed with the backing of a major tech billionaire, she thought she’d had a chance at fame and fortune. The few months of the league she’d been voted MVP each time and her team was at the top of the standings.

But then the changes had started. The TV ratings were terrible and the web traffic even more so. The league operators said they had to make some changes to make the game more appealing to the public.

She’d gone along with the first redesign of the uniforms. Sure they were a bit more revealing than necessary, but they were still tasteful and ratings did improve a bit. It was a small price to pay to get to play the game she loved.

The second redesign had gone too far and the players had refused. In the end the league had relented but insisted more needed to be done to bring a better face to the league and wanted each and every player to take a public relations course.

She’d sat through the boring 4 hour course, though she couldn’t really remember too much of it, she had seemed to node off after the first 20 minutes or so.

A few weeks later though, when the league redesigned the uniforms again, no one seemed to have a problem with them even if they weren’t very practical. The PR photo shoots before the games had also gotten longer and she had noticed they often placed several players together in them in suggestive poses, sometimes the other girls went to far and did more than just suggest.

But she was the MVP and she knew had to act professionally. Today she was doing another photo shoot and she’d gone all out to make sure she put on the best face for the league. Her makeup and hair was perfect, the tight latex uniform hugged her body and she posed just as they had told her too.

She heard the roar of the crowd as the game started, she wondered briefly whey they had started without her but the flash of the camera brought her back to the task at hand and she cocked her hip out as they continued.

“Ok, honey, time to take the uniform off.”

She paused just for a second.

“You want the league to succeed don’t you?”

‘What a silly question, of course I do!’ she thought. The league was the most important thing in her life! She’d do anything for it.

She bent over at the waist and set the ball down, placing both hands on it she looked up at the camera and paused for a moment. Then she stood up, and pulled her jersey over her head, before slipping her shorts down over her cleats.

“There’s our MVP, this is going to send our web traffic through the roof!”

She lowered herself down on the the soccer ball, placing her pussy right on top of it. She rocked her hips back and forth as she squeezed her tits with her hands. She turned her head to the side closed her eyes and moaned out loud .

‘God I love playing with soccer balls, they’re the best!’ she thought as she rolled her hips back and the ball compressed her clit once more.

When she opened her eyes she saw the naked man beside her, ‘Fuck yes, two more balls to play with!’ was her only thought as she took them in her mouth.