The nanosuit had done wondrous work, her body was tight, her breasts full and high. It had taken more than a decade off her age and now as she unzipped it, she hesitated.

Should she go even farther? It was just Friday night, she had all weekend before she had to go back to work and present herself to the world. Why not have an adventure with a really outrageous body for a couple of days?

She zipped it back up and grabbed the remote from beside her and started making selections.

Age? Another few years wouldn’t hurt, she might look like a teenager but she was well in to her thirties and had the ID to prove it.

Waist? She slid her hand down her flat stomach, well a couple of more inches seemed impossible, but why not find out how far it could go? She slide the control all the way down.

Breasts? Bigger, yes definitely bigger. She moved the control two more notches up.

Ass? Lips? Eyes? Legs? She played with the all of the controls until she was satisfied and hit ‘Activate’.

A prompt came up as soon as she did, “Thank you for selecting your options, we have noticed you have selected several items, that when grouped together in to a package can have significant discounts associated with them. Would you like to activate the ‘Sexy Like U Thought’ package?”

She thought for a moment, a discount was nice, why not? She clicked “Yes” and the nanosuit came to life.

Her body started to change once more, her breasts ballooning out, her waist shrinking in and the rest of the options she had chosen. Unlike before through, her body was on fire, tingling all over as every movement caused a sudden wave of pleasure to course through her.

“Oh my god!” she called out as one of her hands found her expanding tit and the other her needy pussy under the nanosuit.

As the nanosuit finished, her hands continued to pleasure her and she was soon coming hard. If she’d been able to focus on the control threw the pleasure she would have seen the display, which read, “Thank you for selecting the SLUT package, your body modifications have been complete as well as the required mental changes as well. Your discount of 100% has been applied and a NanoSuit staff member will be by soon to collect you for your new role as a personal NanoSlut to one of our lucky customers.”