Sandra and Miranda had been roommates since college and now that they had graduated they still shared an apartment as they had been struggling to find work in their respective fields.

Sandra had taken a job at a cosmetic’s counter in a big department store and Miranda had been waitressing at a local chain restaurant.

A week ago, Sandra had been sitting at work when the regional cosmetics product manager had dropped by during the slowest part of the day.  He’d brought some new samples and insisted she try herself so she could give him her opinion about them.

Sandi had to admit loved the new makeup, but not as much as she loved giving him a blowjob in the stock room.  Or getting fucked in the parking garage bent over the hood of his car.

When they had arrived at the apartment, Miranda was still at work but he’d noticed a few pictures and asked about her roommate after he’d fucked her several more times.

He’d left some more samples and Sandi had found it harder than she’d thought it would be to get Miranda to try some.  But she’d finally just thrown out Miranda’s normal eye liner and replaced it with the sample.

Now Mandi was much more co-operative and a soon as Sandi finished applying the lipstick she’d be ready to meet her new master just as Sandi had last week.