Julia walked in the the nano spa, it was her first time coming to one of these places but she couldn’t put it off any longer.  Work wasn’t going well, real estate was a competitive business and as much as she hated it, looks often got the job done.

At 50 she wasn’t over the hill by any means but over the last ten years these nano spa’s had pushed her experience to the back burner and the clients expected a young face to go with their new house. 

All of the other agents had gone in and taken decades off in just a matter of hours, her best friend had gone in just last week, she was 46 but now she looked 26.  One of the younger agents actually looked to be in their teens now!

Unfortunately she’d waited to long to do something and she no longer had the money to go to one of the top end spa’s operated by one of the big chains.  Instead she’d found a small privately owned spa that was offering a special deal to try and draw in business.

She’d gone for just a basic package, just drop off 25 years and leave the rest alone.  Her brown hair, small breasts were just fine and she’d always been able to turn heads, even now if not as often.

Julia stripped down in the change room and put on the simple white robe and slippers they had provided.  The attendant guided her to the back of the spa and instructed her to completely immerse herself in the nano solution all the way up to the neck for best results before leaving.

She removed her robe and slippers and touched a toe to the solution, it wasn’t cold or warm, not quite water, but familiar in some way.  She sank the rest of her wrinkled foot in and swung her other leg over the side.

Floating just under the surface of the solution she didn’t touch the bottom or float to the surface, she was suspended in between with just her head sticking out.

A pulse rippled through the bath and her whole body started to tingle.  In mere moments she watched her body change.  Wrinkles disappear, spots vanish and her skin tighten. 

Then her breasts started to grow.

“Hey wait a minute…” she started to say as she pushed herself up.  She only managed to get half way out before she lost control of her body.

The changes continued, her legs lengthened, fat disappeared from her body, her hair lengthened and lightened, but she noticed none of it.

The nano solution had reached her brain and was busily wiping it clean, when the attendent entered the room she was staring towards the door, her mind a blank slate ready to receive it’s new programming.