Monica squatted down down and snapped the selfie, the pill had done wonders for body but she’d loved the effect it had had on her ass more than anything else.

She stood back up and wobbled a bit, her new ass had definitely thrown her balance off and she over corrected forward and tumbled face first on to the mattress.

She rolled on to her side and felt the bed push against her bum, sending a wave of pleasure through her.


She wiggled her ass against the sheet and the pleasure continued to rise.

She reached back with her hand and rubbed her other ass cheek, finding the same pleasure from it.  A squeeze doubled it as she moaned out loud.

Without thinking about it, she raised her hand and gave her ass a small slap.  The small orgasm that followed surprised her almost as much as the realization that she’d already raised her hand for another go.

This time she came down harder and was rewarded with a bigger orgasm. 

Five more orgasms followed five more whacks but something was missing.  She smacked her ass as hard as she could but knew the orgasm that followed, while good, was missing something.

She turned her head towards her nightstand where her trusty dildo rested.  It hit her like a lighting bolt, her hand might be good, but it would be so much better if her ass was bouncing against the abdomen of the guy who had his cock in her!