Barbra, Kimberly and Joel had grown up together since they were just small children.  Their parents had been friends and they had become fast friends.  Throughout public school they had played together and laughed at each others jokes and played all kinds of games.  But their favorite had been doctor.

When adolescent finally came, Joel had wanted to continue but Barbra and Kimberly had matured more quickly and soon the three of them had drifted apart.  Barbra had joined the cheerleaders, Kimberly the chess club and Joel, well they had just lost track of him.

When Barbra had graduated she left the small town they had grown up in and went straight to LA to pursue her acting career, now almost 10 years later she was still waitressing at a small dinner to make ends meet.  Her agent had suggested several times she should see a plastic surgeon about implants but now she was desperate and when he suggested it last week she gave in and had made an appointment.

Now she was in a small exam room in a paper gown waiting for a stranger to look at her boobs and she was no longer sure it was a good idea.

“Barbra, is that really you?”

Barbra looked up as the doctor entered the room, “Joel?  Oh wow, I can’t belive it!”

“Me either, it’s been what, 10 years?”

Barbra jumped off the table and hugged Joel, her mood improved instantly at seeing her old friend.

“Pretty much, I guess you really did like playing doctor eh?”

“Yea, I guess I did.” he replied with a broad smile.

They talked for a few minutes and then he examined her, he made a few suggestions but the doubt crept back in and she said she wanted to think it over some more.

“Perfectly understandable Barbra.  Say do you have plans for dinner tonight?  Why don’t you come over to my house and we can catch up!”

“Sure, sounds good.”

After trading phone numbers and getting Joel’s address Barbra left the office in a better mood than she’d been in for months.

Barbra arrived at Joel’s house and was amazed, it was a mansion!  Joel opened the door she could see the shock in his face.  She’d gone a little overboard and made sure she’d make an impression.  She had had to use a push up bra to get the cleavage but the shoulderless top and short skirt had done their job and Joel’s jaw was pretty much on the floor.

“Wow, Barbra, you look great!”

“Thanks Joel, I was so happy to see you today I just felt like going all out.” she said as she walked by Joel and in to the house.

“You certainly did, it almost makes me sorry to do this…”

“Do what?…” she said as she turned to look at Joel again.  In his hand was a black remote control of some kind and he hit a button on it.

Suddenly she couldn’t move.

“You know it I paid your agent a lot of money over the years to get you in to the clinic.  Follow me, I have a surprise for you.” he said as he walked through the foyer and in to the living room. 

Standing beside the couch was a beautiful woman with long black hair in a short, tight nurses outfit.

“You remember Kimberly or as I call her now Nurse Kimmy.”

Barbra took a second look and realized it was Kimberly, but how was that possible?  She’d heard that Kimberly had graduated the bar and was practicing law in New York!

“Kimmy here once tried to sue me for malpractice, completely unfounded of course, and after the judge threw the case out I just couldn’t stand the thought of her walking out of my life again.  Just wait here and I’ll be right back.”

When Joel returned, he was wearing a white smock and had a corny looking reflector strapped to his forehead.

“Now then, I think you owe me a game of doctor.” he said as he pressed another button on the remote as he pointed it at Barbra.

Barbie blinked several times and look around.  Nurse Kimmy was holding her hand and she was looking directly at the Doc.

“Oh, humm, like hi Doc, I don’t feel so good.”

“Well you’ve come to the right place Barbie, why don’t you let Nurse Kimmy examine your tonsils and then I’m sure I’ll be able to find something that will fix you right up.

“Like, that sound great!”

Barbie turned to Nurse Kimmy and Kimmy leaned in and gave her a deep french kiss, her tongue probing deep in to her mouth.

“I dunno Doc, It’s hard to tell, do you have something we can stick down there and check with?” Nurse Kimmy asked once she had pulled away.

Joel opened his smock to reveal his hard shaft, “I might have something that will reach, let’s find out.

Barbie dropped to her knees and took Joel’s dick deep in to her throat and sucked with all her might.  She looked up at the Doc and tried to smile, she was so happy she was being taken care of by a professional!

Barbie and Kimmy stood at the top of the stairs, just outside of the master bedroom.  Soon the alarm would go off and their owner would awaken and use them as he saw fit, until then they stayed poised where he would see them as soon as he rose from bed.