Julie walked through the warehouse, her low heals clicking on the concrete floor.  Few of the workers looked up but those who did quickly looked away when the saw her in her dark grey business suit. 

Since taking over the facility a month ago she’d put the fear being fired in to almost everyone.  Well except for Warren, the floor manager.  He’d proved to be a great help in getting the rest in line.

Productivity had been going downhill for years and she’d finally convinced the CEO to let her take over and whip things back in to shape.  She knew this would be her stepping stone in to the C-suite and would not fail.

These walks though the warehouse re-enforced her position in the workers minds so she made sure to take one at least once a day.  When she arrived back at her office Warren was waiting for her.

“Are those the output reports Warren?  And coffee as well?”

“Yep, up across the board since you arrived.  I thought you might want something to drink after your walk.”


“There is one worrying trend, employee moral is way down.”

“Well as long as they’re productive I really don’t care.”

“Ok, you’re the boss.”

Julie looked at the reports for this month, they were all down.  It had been only three months since she took over and the first two had been perfect.  Improvements in productivity across the board.  But something had changed this month and now things were sliding back again.

“I don’t understand it Warren, what’s wrong?” she said sipping on the coffee Warren had handed her along with the reports.

“I think some of the changes you implemented have really started to come back in the employee moral numbers.  Extending the work days from 8 to 12 hours, cutting down breaks from once an hour to only twice daily, reducing lunch to 30 minutes.  The employee’s are starting to rebel in little ways, taking longer to do the work, ‘losing’ orders and picking the wrong items for other orders.”

“Well too bad for them, let’s fire 10% of them and see what they think!”

“Are you sure?  That’s pretty drastic.”

“Do it.”

“I can’t believe they’re actually protesting outside the warehouse!  They should be happy to have any kind of job in this economy!”

It had been six months and nothing she did had helped.  Now, standing by the window and looking out at the wildcat strike, things had come to a screeching halt.

She sipped the coffee, which seemed to take even better today than in the past, and read over the demands from the workers.

“Well I’ve got an idea how to turn things around Julie.”

She took a deep swig from the cup before replying, “Well don’t keep me in suspense, what is it?”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ve already discussed it with the CEO and he’s very supportive of it.”

Julie almost chocked as she swallowed the last of the coffee, “What do you mean… oh… what…”

Julie almost doubled over as she grabbed the desk to steady herself.

“Ah, that must be the bimbo pills kicking in now.  I wasn’t sure how many to use so I started with three, hopefully that’s enough.”

Julie’s body was on fire and her suit started to feel very restrictive.  She felt her body start to change and she quickly started to undress.  She knew even a single pill could cause major changes and she’d heard stories of those that had had serious injuries when wearing tight clothing.

Even before she was finished she noticed the change, her hair.  Normally short was now starting to flow down her shoulders.  By the time her top was off her breasts had gone from their modest B to a full D and were still growing.

That was when her head really started to pound.  She fell forward on to the desk and turned over on to her back, grabbing her head on each side.


Warren watched the changes continue as Julie’s hair flowed down the side of the desk and on to the floor.  The changes to her body were amazing as things expanded and tightened at the same time.

“Hum, maybe three were too many.  Oh well, nothing to do about it now.”

A few minutes later the changes slowed and finally stop.

“Julie, are you awake?“


“Do you know who you are?”

“Uhmmm, like… Jul…J…Jewel?”

“That’s right Jewel, now can you stand up?”

“Gosh, like, maybe…” Jewel said as she picked herself up off the desk and tried to stand, her large tits throwing her off balance at first.

Warren walked over and placed an arm around her and drew her close.  Instinctively she stood up on her toes and kissed him, using her tongue to probe his mouth.

Soon he pulled back and twisted her around, pushing her down on to the desk face first.  The sound of his zipper sent a wave of anticipation through her and she let out a low moan as she spread her legs and pushed her ass up as high as she could.

When his dick entered her she came hard, but not as hard as she did when he came inside of her.

Jewel was dancing in the warehouse, her long hair flowed almost all the way down to the floor but her high heels kept it from touching.  The warehouse workers were on their hourly break and Jewel was in charge of keeping them motivated.

From his office Warren watched her work. 

“Yes sir, moral is higher than ever and productivity is up as well.  Thank you sir, I will.” 

Warren hung up the phone as Jewel removed the thin top she was wearing and proceeded to massage her tits.

“Well, not exactly when she had planned when she came here, but she certainly is the crown jewel of the company now.”