Tanya smoothed the nanosuit over her butt, making sure it had good contact before she activated it.  She pondered once again if this was a good idea, she liked her butt, it was small and tight and she’d never really thought too much about it.

But with the advent of the nanosuits everyone had perfect bodies, well at least everyone that mattered.  Whether she liked it or not, at the moment, that meant big butts were in style so she need to get with the times.

She reached over and grabbed the controller, flipping through the menus quickly until she found what she wanted.  A quick 40% increase in her butt seemed like a good start, she could always make an adjustment if she needed.  She hit enter and a message popped up on the screen:

“You’ve selected the standard buttocks enhancement, a package deal, “Wiggle, Jiggle and Squirm” is available for only 10% extra.  Would you like to take advantage of this special offer?”

Tanya thought only for a second before hitting Yes to continue.  The nanosuit pulled tight around her body as it activated and soon she could feel it working, her whole body was tingling but most of all her butt.

She tried to get a good look, but just couldn’t get a good view of it.  Instead she stood up and walked over to the full length mirror, as she did she noticed the sway in her hips had been exaggerated.

‘Must be the Wiggle.’ she thought to herself.

She turned half way around and took a look as the changes continued, she reached down to give her butt a squeeze and felt a rush of pleasure emanate from her butt.

A few moments later the tingling stopped and her now massive butt was reflected in the mirror, the nanosuit stretched tightly over it.  She gave her hips a shake and it swayed side to side.

‘And that’s the Jiggle.’

Without think about it she raised her hand up and gave her butt a smack.  The pleasure was like a lightening bolt, jumping from her butt straight to her pussy and then up her spine right to her brain.

Her knees collapsed from under her and she sunk to the floor, her body squirming as both her hands found her ass sending another bold of pleasure through her.

Mark walked in to the apartment and knew something was off.  Tanya was not in the living room or kitchen and when he approached the stairs he could hear noises coming from the bedroom.

By the time he climbed the stairs he could make out moans and gasps inter spaced between what sounded like someone being spanked.

He entered the bedroom and found Tanya on the floor in front of the mirror, her face in the carpet and her ass pushed up high.  She was wearing a nanosuit, one hand frantically rubbing her pussy and the other grabbing her ass between smacks.

“Oh god, Mark, help me!”

“Where’s the controller Tanya?  I’ll shut it off.”

“Fuck the controller, get over her and take my ass!  I need to cum so badly!”

Mark didn’t need to be told twice and her quickly stripped and positioned himself behind her.  He reached down and pressed his hand on her ass.  Tanya’s whole body squirmed as she tried to raise her ass even higher in to the air, towards Mark.

As the tip of Mark’s dick touched Tanya’s ass, he heard her say something unintelligible mixed with some kind of primal cry of pleasure.  Before he knew it she had pushed back against him and impaled herself on his shaft.  He grabbed hold of her ass to steady himself and watched her whole body convulse from the orgasm.

He raised a hand and placed a firm smack on her ass cheek, which was followed by another orgasm.

Mark started to pump in and out of Tanya, timing his thrusts with hard smacks of Tanya’s ass.  He continue until he could hold back no longer, with a final thrust he let loose in Tanya’s bowels and brought both hands down on her ass as hard as he dared.

Tanya’s body moved in ways Mark had never seen before for almost a minute before she collapsed and lost consciousness.

Mark pulled out and went to look for the controller, when he found it he checked the purchase history.  Tanya had been on the floor, playing with herself for over 3 hours by the time he arrived home.