Bonnie couldn’t believe the outfit Dave had bought her and she really couldn’t believe she’d agreed to put it on.  She wasn’t going to be going out in it that was for sure.

She walked out of their bedroom and in to the living room where Dave was waiting.

“See?!”, Bonnie said as she put her hands on her hips, “Ridiculous! It’s too tight around my waist and too loose around my chest!”

Dave turned to look and pressed the pause button on the remote.

Bonnie froze in place.

Dave stood up and started to play with the remote.  The small muffen top around Bonnie’s waist receded and disappeared, then the slack around her chest disappeared.

Dave pressed the pause button again.

“So… uhmmm… like where are we going Dave? *giggle*” Bonnie said as a wide smile crossed her face. 

She shifted her hips the other way while pushing out her chest, “Like, could we just stay in instead honey?”, she raised a hand to her lips ran it lightly across them.

Dave smiled and pressed the up arrow a few more times until a moan escaped Bonnie’s lips and she dropped to her knees.