Alison schlepped her bosses suitcase along with her own as she tried to keep up to the dark haired bitch striding in front of her.

“Hurry up Alison, we’re late already because of your lack of scheduling skills.”

Alison fumed, how could she have known the plane would have a broken wheel and get delayed.  “Yes ma’am.” she replied knowing better than to take the bait and try and explain it wasn’t her fault.

Alison raced ahead of her boss to arrive at the check in counter first, “Hi, we’re checking in, the reservation is under Jennifer Kwong.”

“Welcome to the hotel, I have your reservation right here and your room is ready.”

Alison opened the door and juggled the luggage out of the way as her boss walked past her and in to the room.  She tried to get everything inside the room and hold the door at the same time and nearly went for a spill.

“Alison, get in here.”

“What can I do…” Alison started to reply as she walked in to the main area of the hotel room, but stopped as soon as she looked at the beds.  Or more correctly the single bed.

“I see your scheduling skills are as sharp as ever, I guess you’ll have to sleep in the bathtub.”

Alison spent the next hour arguing with the hotel but to no avail.  They had no other rooms available as the convention had sold out months ago.

Alison swished her drink around, her frown displayed across her face as she sat at the bar.  Several of the sales guys had tried to hit on her already and she saw another approaching her.

“Why the long face?  It doesn’t suite such a beautiful woman.”

She smiled a bit, she knew it was a line but it was nice to hear anyway.  Unlike her boss she was pretty average looking.  She’d received so much attention tonight only because the industry was so full of men that the few women stood out.

She tried to brush him off but he seemed persistent.  While they were talking she noticed his hand move towards her glass out of the corner of her eye and she quickly grabbed it.  He noticed too late and the small pink pill bounced on the bar several times before coming to rest.

His face went white and he bolted before she even realized what was happening.  When it finally hit her, she quickly scooped up the pill and looked around to make sure no one was looking at her. 

Alison returned to the room where her boss was working on her computer going over the sales numbers again as she sat up in bed.  This convention had been a gamble for her, the small company had only the two employee’s and need to grow if it was going to survive.

“Is the booth ready?  Or did you screw that up as well?”

“It’s fine ma’am.  Here I brought you a bottle of water.”

She took it with half a sneer and nod that perhaps Alison wasn’t completely worthless.  She took a sip and then another and soon enough the whole bottle was gone.

Alison took the laptop from her bosses lap as she started to squirm.  A moan escaped her lips as she pushed the covers from herself.

Alison watched the changes happen as Jennifer’s breasts expand, her hair lengthen and her lips plump.  When Jennifer’s hands started for her pussy she leaned in closely and whispered in to her ear.

“I bet it feels so good to be a sexy bimbo doesn’t it Jenny?”

A moan was the only response.

“A horny bimbo that loves showing off her body for everyone.  Just a dumb both babe here to help her boss close the sale.  Isn’t that right Jenny?“

Jenny sat up on the bed, her tits pushed out, as she heard the electronic door lock activate on the room.  She’d arrived a few minutes ago to get ready after meeting the nice man on the show floor.  Ali had said he was an important client and if she convinced him to place an order she’d get a bonus later that night.

Jenny giggled at the thought of yesterdays bonus, her boss sticking the dildo deep in to her ass.  She’d have to make sure the man placed a big order if she wanted that kind of bonus again tonight!