Warren looked over this months numbers, they were up again and it was all thanks to Jewel.

He looked out his office window and watched as she swung around the poll and then slid down it.  He’d had it installed last month and it had really opened up what she could do.

She was working hard and it was paying off big in the productivity department, especially since the “Employee of the Month” contest had started three months ago.  The winner had an entire weekend with Jewel to celebrate.

Warren was sure he could get even more productivity out of the staff and he had come up with something new for this month, he’d announce it during the staff meeting later today.

“Congratulations Sam for being employee of the month!”

A loud clap rumbled through the staff as they looked around for Jewel to come out and congratulate him herself.

“Now Jewel’s isn’t here right now but I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of her this weekend Sam.  I have an announcement to make, in addition to employee of the month I’m starting the employee of the day program!”

The crowd cheered up at a new program.

“Each day whoever has the most productivity will get a live stream session with Jewel that night!”  He clicked the presentation to the next slide and a live stream of Jewel in her bedroom came to life.

“Like hi boys!”  Jewel said as she stroked her hand down her chest, over her breasts and towards her pussy.

“I can’t wait to hear all your dirty fantasies!” she said as her hand found the dildo that had been pushed all the way in to her pussy and pulled it out.  She then ran it back up her body and finally to her lips before taking it down her throat.

The staff cheered and Warren knew productivity would be up again next month as well.  It was really too bad that he couldn’t give employee of the month to Jewel, but technically she no longer worked for the company.