Natalie was furious, she’d arrived home to find her crafting room totally gutted and a stupid pool table sitting in the middle of the room!

“John! John! Where are you?!”

Natalie stormed in to the kitchen and then in to the living room but didn’t find her husband.  She climbed the stairs, making sure to stomp her foot on each step to make it clear she was on her way up and not happy.

She walked in to the bedroom where John was sitting on the edge of the bed, she opened her mouth to berate him when she noticed the white heels and dress neatly folded beside him.

She closed her eyes for dramatic effect, raised her finger and once more started to open her eyes to give him a severe talking to when she saw him make a small motion with his hand and she froze in place.

“Now Natalie, I know you said I couldn’t have a pool table, but I think we should talk about it some more.”

Lilli pushed her bum out and spread her legs a bit, “Like, I never new pool could be so much fun!”

John walked around and grabbed her ass with both hands and massaged it, invoking a low moan from Lilli.

He moved a hand up her back and pushed her forward until her breasts touched the cloth of the table.  He then grabbed her ankles and pulled her back over the edge of the table.

Pushing her legs apart, John slid his hand under her to find her pussy wet to the touch.  Lilli’s moaned even louder as John found her clit and she squirmed, her nipples rubbing against the cloth and hardening.

When John’s dick finally breached her pussy Lilli knew she was really going to enjoy playing with John’s stick and balls every night from now on.