Shadow Sword held the hilt of her katana and focused on the shadow in front of her.  She stepped in to it and merged with it before vanishing from sight. 

She stepped out of a completely different shadow and in to the dark hallway of the Darkania embassy.  Her enhanced vision made the hallway as bright as day even at this late hour of the night. 

She hugged the wall, her magical ninja suit blending her in to the shadows as she made her way through each room on the upper level.  Finding nothing of interest she made her way downstairs to the main level of the mansion.  There she found what she was looking for.

The kitchen was the only room with the lights on and Shadow Sword carefully made her way towards it, she could hear voices as she approached.

“Well Doc, what will it be?” said Honey Ready.

“I don’t know, I just can’t decide.  What are the options again?” replied Dr. Taylor.

“Ugh… Ham and mustard on rye OR Ham and cheese on white!”

“Well I…”

Before Dr. Taylor could make a choice Shadow Sword burst in to the room through the darkened door, drawing her sword.  It bristled with energy as it landed a direct hit on Honey Ready and sent her flying across the room.  She hit the wall and crumpled in to a pile at its base.

With hesitation Shadow Sword spun around and swung her katana at Dr. Taylor, landing a direct hit on to his torso.

She’d grab his unconscious body and spirit hit away through the shadows outside of the kitchen, but instead of seeing him fly back across the room he just stood there as she watched the energy from her katana move back up the length of the blade and in to her arm through the hilt.

When she hit the refrigerator behind her she lost consciousness and joined Honey Ready on the floor.

Shadow Sword woke up tied to a table, Dr. Taylor standing over her.

“Good morning Shadow Sword, welcome to my lab.” he said with a smile.

She struggled against her bounds out of sure reflex but knew Dr. Taylor had managed to restrain some of the strongest heroins and she had no super strength.

He reached through his shirt collar and pulled out a small pendant, “You know this has come in useful twice now, I think I may have gotten the better end of the deal on this one.  At least this time I still get to use the programming helmet!” he said with a wicked grin.

Without further ado he reached up and pulled down the programming helmet over her eyes.

Slutty Sword stood still in front of the camera as she prepared for her routine.  She held out the fake katana in front of her and looked seriously in to the red light on top of the camera and waited for it to come on.

She waited several minutes as the bright lights shown down on her, reflecting off the shiny latex of her new uniform.  She thought back to just a few days ago and how she had loved staying to the shadows, now she couldn’t imagine being anything but in the spot light.

The light came on and Slutty Sword started to dance, using the katana as a fake poll to dance around.  Eventually she sat down on the floor and spread her legs, pulling the fake handle off of the katana and revealing a dildo.  She spent quite a long time using it on her sopping wet pussy before eventually putting the handle back on.

She then pulled the katana out of it’s sheath, revealing an even longer dildo, running nearly the whole length of the blade.  She smiled for the camera and winked before holding it above her head and taking the tip of it in to her mouth.

She worked in back and fourth several times before pushing it deeper in to her throat.  Soon enough she pushed it all the way down to the hilt.  She pulled it out and pushed it in several times with her one hand as she played with her clit with the other.  She came hard only after a couple of repetitions.

Slutty Sword could swallow any sword, no matter how long it was and she was looking forward to getting some real hard swords to swallow soon instead of just her fake katana.