Tabitha tapped her heel as she waited for Ronald in the office.  She’d agreed to go out clubbing but she really wasn’t in to it.  She was really too old for it now at 28 but Ronald like to go out once in a while a ogle the younger women at the clubs.

She smoothed out the shinny dress she had picked out over her slim, trim frame.   She continued to tap her heel. 

She had married Ronald right out of high school, before she finished university and gotten the job at the law firm.  She was on track to make partner next year, unlike Ronald who had dropped out of university and started the bike shop with his friend from high school.

With the economy still down they really hadn’t made much money but he continued to spend more and more time at the shop.

As their career paths had diverged their relationship had deteriorated as well.  She had scheduled a meeting with a divorce lawyer at her firm for Monday and she didn’t think it would take long to settle things.

Ronald burst in to the office, “Oh my gosh honey, I’m sorry.  I’m so behind here in the shop, I’ll get cleaned up and we can get going.  There’s some water in the fridge if you want it.” he said and was just as quickly gone in to the bathroom where she heard the shower start.

She walked over to the fridge and shook her head.  Inside there was a single bottle of water and she grabbed it and walked in to the shop to see what he had been working on.  The bike was just what she thought it would be, some wantabe gang rapper had request “thug” on the side of the tank.

She twister the top off the water and took a slip, followed by several more.  Before she knew it she’d down the entire bottle, but instead of feeling quenched her thirst had only increased and a wave of heat ran over her.

Suddenly her body felt strange and she leaned over and steadied herself by placing her hands on the seat of the bike.

The heat swelled within her and she suddenly watched her dress stretch over her inflating breasts.  Before she could comprehend she noticed her hair cascading down over her new breasts and a moan escaped her lips as she grabbed hold of them.

A sudden heat welled up in her ass and she instinctively squatted down as her ass ballooned out, riding her dress up and over it.

She pushed her fingers in to the top of her dress and pushed it down over her now massive tits.  She reached up and took her mess of hair in to her hands and tried to get it under control. 

She looked up and Ronald stood behind her, naked and smiling.

“Wh…wh…what’s happening…” she stuttered out.

Ronald stepped in and put his hand under her arms and lifted her up a bit before pushing her down over the seat of the bike.

“Well Tabby, I’ve got myself a brand new project to work on.  A hot blonde biker bimbo.” he said as hit slapped her ass.

“Like, really Ronnie?”

“Yep,” he said as hi pushed the tip of his dick against her pussy, “and she just can’t get enough of my dick no matter how many times I screw her.”

Tabby pushed herself back and felt Ronnie’s cock enter her.  She felt Ronnie grab her hair and pull her back on to him even deeper.

Soon she was being ridden hard and fast and when she felt him cum inside of her she let out an orgasmic scream that left no doubt who Ronnie’s new project was.