Holly sat behind the blackjack table, her hair pulled back in to a pony tail, her nondescript casino uniform hiding her curves from the clients.

Tonight she was working a private room for a VIP that had requested her specifically, Ronald.  He was rich, arrogant and though he could buy her attention with his money.  She hated dealing for him but the casino made it clear that he was an important whale and she could either do her job or find another one.

She’d been waiting for a while and when Ronald finally showed up it was the new VP of client services as well as another manager she didn’t recognize.  They talk for a few minutes and then Holly saw them shake hands and caught a glimpse of a small black device that looked like an old school pager, change hands.  She watch Ronald place it in his pocket and then he headed over towards her.

The manager followed him as the VP left the room, Holly assumed the manager would be staying to act as pit boss and he moved around behind her and sat at a small desk that was in the room for just that purpose.

As always, Ronald smiled and made small talk.  At first she smiled dutifully as part of her job as usual, but after the first half hour she found herself smiling more genuinely.

By the end of the first hour, she was laughing at his stupid sexist jokes and in between hands, when he reached out and touched her hand, a charge of energy ran up her arm that left her mouth open and her nipples hard.

After the second hour, Ronald took a break and ordered some dinner, when it arrived he suggested she join him.

Holly hesitated, it was against the rules and she hated Ronald, but something deep down made her want to join him.  Before she could respond, the manager that she’d forgotten was even there spoke up.

“It’s alright Holly, you can join him, this is a private suite after all.”

“Oh, all right.” she responded before even realizing she’d just agreed to it.

Holly stood up and as she did Ronald held out his hand and she took it instinctively, a broad smile crossed her face as soon as the charge hit her body.

The rest of the night had been a blur, she didn’t remember him playing any more blackjack and the only thing she clearly remembered was saying yes when he asked her on a date for the next night.

Now she was waiting for his txt, she’d spent several hours getting ready and she was dressed in a nice, if a bit conservative, dress, low heels and minimal makeup with her hair still pulled back in a pony tail.

When he finally txt’d her, he had pulled up to the front of her condo building and was waiting.  She hurried out and took the elevator to the lobby where she saw hi waiting beside the limo for her.

She walked out the doors and he greeted her with a hug, she was surprised only for an instant before her whole body came to life.  By the time she recovered, she found Ronald’s tongue in her mouth and her’s in his.

Holly spent the rest of the night on Ronald’s arm, keeping in close contact as much as possible.  When the night was almost over and they were on their way back to her condo, Holly could hardly control herself, she was all over Ronald as they drove.

He placed a hand on the back of her head and she felt him work the elastic holding her pony tail in place.  She leaned back, used both of her hands and took it off, freeing her hair, she shook her head and tried to free it.

Ronald smiled, leaned forward a bit and ran his fingers through her hair.  Once his hand had hold of her head, she closed her eyes and moaned.

He held her head firmly and guided her down to the limo floor between his legs, when she opened her eyes again it was to the sound of the zipper on Ronald’s fly being opened by her own hands.

When her lips touched the tip of his dick, her world exploded and she felt Ronald’s hand guide her down his shaft.

Holly waited in Ronald’s suite at the casino, he’d gone down to play blackjack for a while but would be back soon.

Holly fluffed her hair a bit while she waited and thought back to just a few months ago when she would have been dealing Ronald his game.

After that first date things had moved quickly, Ronald had been very clear in what he wanted and she found herself making sure he got it.

Ronald didn’t like her hair in a pony tail, she’d gone to the salon the next day to get it styled.

Ronald didn’t like her wearing baggy or concealing dresses, she spent a week buying a new wardrobe.

Ronald always like her to have something sparkly on, so she did.

Ronald like her to be submissive and ready for sex anytime, so she was.

Tonight she’d gone all out, Ronald had said if he won, he’d have a special surprise for her.  She hoped it was a good anal fucking since he’d been telling her how much he liked it over the last several weeks and it was all she could really think about anymore.