Denise rubbed her head and looked around her apartment.  What was she doing on the floor in front of her couch?

What was she wearing?

What was strewn all over the floor?

She reached down and picked up a handful of what was now obviously shredded paper.  She squinted at it and found a piece she recognized, it was the report.

She’d brought the physical copies home to put together in binders before the big meeting on Monday. 

She stood up and raced to the computer, almost falling flat on her face trying to run in the high heels she was wearing.  She kicked them off her feet and continued to her work desk and found her computer, a message box sitting in the middle of the screen:

        “8 files securely deleted!”

She panicked, double checking if she had any backups but found nothing, months of work gone! 

She was going to be fired tomorrow for sure, she had the only copies as she had been determined no one was going to steal her work.

How could this have happened? 

She checked her door, it was still locked and the alarm was still set.

She checked her e-mail and phone but only a single phone call was in the log from John and it was several hours ago.

She saw the time on her phone, just after 7pm, the meeting was just 14 hours away, she didn’t have enough time to redo the work by herself.  She lowered her head and resigned to the fact she was going to have to call John to help.

She hated to do it, he was her biggest rival at the company, but it was better to share the credit with him than be fired tomorrow.

John walked in to Denise’s home as she held the door for him, he wasn’t sure if she was aware she was wearing the frilly black neglige but he wasn’t complaining.

“Look John, I’m doing you a favour bringing you in on this, so let’s just get to work alright?”

“Sure Denise, but can I ask you something?”


“DeeDee Bimbo Slut.”

John watched Denise’s eyes glass over, her mouth hang open, her eyes close and an orgasm shake her entire body.

“DeeDee, DeeDee, can you hear me?”

“Like, yeah.”

“Did you delete the files?”

“Um, like, DeeDee did her best, but it was so hard using that thing!”

“And you shredded the hard copies?”

“Oh my gawd, that was so much fun!  I tossed them up in the air it was totally  like it was snowing!”

“That’s a good little bimbo DeeDee.  Now do you remember what your going to do tomorrow?”

“Oh yea, like, I’m going to strip for a bunch of old dudes so I can show them my titties!”

“Very good, now show my what a good bimbo likes to do the most.”

DeeDee dropped to her knees and fished out John’s cock, taking it in mouth and doing the best she could to impress John with her bimbo skills.

John picked up Denise’s phone and traced the custom gesture on the screen bringing up the hidden control panel.  On it the “Programming 100% complete” message was displayed along with the options he’d selected.

It had cost quite a bit, but as DeeDee sucked his cock, he knew it would be worth every penny after he presented his proposal to the board tomorrow after DeeDee made her indecent proposal to them.