Miranda chased the stable boy through the barn and out in to the field.  She’d been chasing him, or another one of the help, since she was very young and only recently had grown up enough to start catching them. 

At first she didn’t know what to do, she’d been sheltered in the castle and while her tutors prepared her to been queen one day, they didn’t have much to say on the relationship between men and women.  Or at least they always seemed to be able to change the subject before they gave her any real answers.

But when she’d caught Thomas a few months ago and they’d tumbled to the ground his hands had found they’re way under her skirts and it had felt good.

Her own hands had brushed up against a hard shaft in his pants and soon enough she’d figured it out.

Now the boys ran even faster than before, knowing full well if they got the princess pregnant their heads would fly off their shoulders faster than any horse could run.

Miranda sat only half listening to Sir Thomas.  He was the regent after her parents had died and he was lecturing her again about how a princess should act.

Her 21st birthday was coming up and she’d take the throne, but he still treated her like a child.

She suspected it was partly due to the fact he was going to lose a lot of power when she ascended the throne.

“Are you listening at all Miranda?”

“…yes, yes of course Sir Thomas.  Prim and proper, I know.  But life is too full of fun and pleasure to worry about that.”

She stood up, smiled radiantly at him and then skipped out of the room as he frowned.

Miranda stared at the dress on the mannequin, in just three days she’d be wearing it at the coronation.  She frowned as the knock on her chambers door disturbed her.


“Miranda, do you have a few minutes?”  Sir Thomas said through the thick wooden door.

“Yes, if you must…”

The door opened and closed as he entered her chambers and she rolled off her bed.

“As you know the crown jewels are set, however it is traditional for you to choose your own rings to wear, crafted by the finest jewelers in the realm.  I have brought a selection for you to choose from.”

She brightened up at the display of rings of all colours and sizes.  She looked at them for several minutes but she kept coming back to a large, pale yellow stone set in on of them.

She plucked it from it’s case and slipped it on her finger, a jolt of ran up her arm and she let out a small gasp before falling back on to her bed.

David watch Miranda fall back on to her bed with relief.  The enchantment had cost him a fortune and they sometime didn’t take, but the mage had been clear with what would happen if it worked.

He walked over to the bed and looked at the princess, her face placid and her body limp.  He’d watched over her for so many years now he felt bad at what he was doing, but it was for the best.

Under his leadership the realm had flourish.  Hunger and disease had been banished and they were at war with no one.

He had hoped Miranda would become a great queen like her mother but instead she had followed in her father’s footsteps and become far more interested in the opposite sex than governing her country.

He laid down beside her on the bed and turned her head to face him.  Her blank eyes and slack jaw greeted him.

“Can you hear me Miranda?”


“Alright then, from now on no more chasing men.  You are a princess and soon to been queen and you must act like one in public.  Do you understand?”

“…yes… no more… in public…”

“That’s right, in public.  However when we are alone you will once again be the horny little slut the servants already think you are.”

“…horny slut…”

“And all of the pent up sexual frustration you will fell all day long being around all those men will instead be redirect at me.  You will need me more than you have ever need any man and you will do whatever it takes to have me.”

“…ooohhh… need you…”

He watched the ring work on her, they were alone and he could see the need in her face already starting.

He reached over and slipped the ring from her finger, the gem, while still beautiful, seemed duller somehow as soon as he removed it.

Miranda’s eyes fluttered several times and the magic passed from her system and he stood up beside the bed.

“What…what… I feel… strange.”  Miranda said as she sat up on the edge of the bed.  She placed a hand on her forehead and took a deep breath.

David watched as she looked up at him and saw her motions play across her face.  First dreariness, then confusions followed by surprise and finally raw lust.

She jumped up at him and threw her arms around his shoulders, pulling herself up his body and finding his mouth with her tongue.

He pushed her back on to the bed and the surprise returned to her face.

“Please… I need you…”

“Soon, but a few ground rules first.  If that is you really need me of course.”

“Ground rules?” she said, squirming in her nightgown.

“Yes, first off, whenever we are alone you are to be naked.”

He watched the disgust wash over her face as she tugged on her gown.  She tried to fight it but he could see her loosing the battle as her need continued to pound at her mind.

Finally the battle was lost and she stripped naked in front of him.  Her defiant stare clear for him to see.

“There, are you happy?“

“Yes and no.  Second, when you address me, you will always call me Sir Thomas and you will bow your head.”

“… bu… bu… yes, Sir Thomas.” the fight was short and she bowed her head after she said it.

“Better, now turn around, get on the bed and raise the pretty little bum of yours up in to the air for me.”

David dropped his own drawers as he watch her mount the bed and present herself to him.  When he entered her he was sure the servents heard her call out, “OHHH YESSS SIR THOMAS!”

The coronation had gone well, Miranda sat quietly on the thrown, looking queenly and watching the crown in front of her.  More importantly she was watching the men, her lust, while no longer obvious, was still in overdrive.

She heard footsteps come up beside her and felt Sir Thomas’ hand touch her shoulder.  She wasn’t sure how, but she managed not to have a screaming orgasm in the middle of the grand hall.

“Come with me my Queen, it is time to retire for the evening.”

“Yes, of course, Sir Thomas.” she replied, the memory of Sir Thomas taking her for the last few nights on her bed flooded back in to her mind. 

She took his arm and they moved slowly towards the exit, each step seemed an eternity as she remembered the promise Sir Thomas had made last night.

“Tomorrow is your coronation and I promise to make it extra special once we’re alone.   I’ll use the only whole you have never let that stable boy go near.”