Cassidy came home from a long day at work, her feet sore from standing all day and a headache from dealing with the clients at the car dealership.

To top it off, she’d been fighting with her husband Tim for several months and she expect tonight would be no different.

Instead she found a present waiting for her when she arrived home.  A plain white box with a red bow on top.  By the size and shape she guessed it was clothing of some kind, but more likely lingerie.

She frowned, she wasn’t in the mode but opened it anyway.  Inside was a flimsy one piece nighty that would never fit her.  She tried to keep in shape but even so this thing was tiny, made for a size 0 model of some kind.

She was about to through in back in to the box when Tim walked in.

“Tim,” she almost shouted, “what were you thinking?!”

He only smiled and raised his right hand in response.  She noticed something in it but before she could say anything else he pressed a button and she felt a weird sensation wash across her body.

She then realized she could not move or speak no matter how hard she tried.

She stood perfectly still, staring right at Tim as he started to press more buttons on the remote.

The strange sensation returned, this time focused on her chest as she felt an unfamiliar weight on it after just a few seconds.

Then it moved around her body, first to the top of her head, then her lips, her waist, her legs and finally spread to her entire body once more.

Tim pointed it directly at her face and hit one last button before the feeling moved behind her eyes and in to her mind.

“Like Timmy, I just love this outfit!  Thanks for the awesome present! *giggle*”  Cassi beamed at her lover as her pussy quivered in anticipation.

She wiggle her way over to him and pressed her body against his.  His hands finding her ass and squeezing it as her tongue found his.

He grabbed her hips and twirled her around, pushing her down on to the bed.

“Mmmmmm… *giggle*”

He grabbed her ass and she pushed it up in to his hands as hard as she could, her pussy doing somersaults as one of his hands found it wet and wanting.

He pushed the lingerie to the side and slide his hard dick in to her, a small orgasm coursing through her body.

“Gawd, yes Timmy!”

He pushed deeper in to her and fucked her hard as she encouraged him with each breath she took.

It was powerful and soon enough the new lingerie was in tatters as he large breasts swayed freely under her as Tim grabbed her hips, her hair or anywhere else he could get a grip.

When he came in her she felt her own body tighten and the orgasm rock her.  As she recovered the only thought in her head was how much more she loved ruining a new outfit than getting one.