Carla pulled the nanosuit up her body and smoothed it out.  It covered her from neck to mid thigh in shiny black latex.  She picked up the controller and activated the suite.

It flowed down her legs and up her neck, then down her arms to her fingers, when it finished, she was covered completely except her head.

She started to select options, she’d wanted to take a few pounds off and for that matter a few years as well.

She watched the slight bulge of her stomach recede and flatten, she felt her skin tingle and felt her muscles tighten and strengthen.

When she was done, she selected the deactivation mode and hit the confirmation button on screen.

Unexpectedly the screen on the controller went crazy for a few seconds and then blank, followed by a small puff of smoke.  She let it fall from her hand, afraid it might burn her.

The nanosuit suddenly started to change, first it split down her front and receded to each side, leaving several traps across her chest.  Then a skirt started to flow down her legs.

Then she felt it start to creep up her neck and cover her face, she grabbed it as it did and tried to pull it away from her, but to no avail as the nanosuit simply stretched out and continued to flow and encase her head.

Carla couldn’t see through the nanosuit but got down on to all fours and tried to fumble around to find the controller but was caught by surprise when her body started to change again.

She felt her waist constrict even further, her breasts balloon out between the straps.  She decided to stand back up and find her cell phone to call for help, but as she did, she found her feet encased in towering high heels.

She felt the side of the bed and used it to try and steady herself, finding it very difficult between the unusual weight on her chest and the towering heels.

She took several small, tentative steps, reaching the end of the bed.  She spread her arms out slightly and took a step in to the open space between the bed and the doorway.

A second step followed the first and finally a third, but the forth never came.  She felt the nanosuit invade her mind and take control.  She didn’t know what kind of program may have been activated when the controller fried.

A moment later a wave of pleasure washed over her and she dropped to her knees, her mind was alight with pleasure as the nanosuit reworked it.

Carla blinked several times, she could see!

Well sort of, everything was tinted green, except a few yellow and red spots.

She stood back up and walked over to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror.

There was no mistaking what the nanosuit had changed in to, the white apron and tiara left little doubt as to the sexy latex maid motif that had been activated.

She spent a moment looking at her breasts, they were huge and stood prominently out from her.  Her waist was cinched to impossible proportions.

Then she noticed the small yellow smear on the mirror.  She studied it for a moment before grabbing a towel and wiping at it.

Each stroke she made felt like she was instead stroking her clit, the pleasure was immense.  She rubbed it harder and the pleasure increased, right up until the yellow stain was gone from the mirror and then so was the pleasure.

Carla looked around, looking for another yellow mark to rub, instead a large red stain covered part of the shower door.

Her heels clicked on the tile as she moved over to it and started to rub and the pleasure was even more intense than last time.

As she scrubbed the last of the stain from the door her orgasm crested and she cried out in pure ecstasy.

The police entered the house and called out.  There was not response.  They had received a missing persons report when Carla had not shown up for work on Monday.

The walked through the rooms, not noticing the immaculate condition they were in, lot a spot of dirt anywhere.

When they arrived in the kitchen, they found Carla, standing by the refrigerator.  A quick search of the rest of the house found the broken controller in the bedroom.

The maid watched them enter and track in dirt on to the floor, it sprung to life as it found a towel, bent down on all fours and started to clean the filth.

As it completed its task the orgasm shook it once more, after almost four days of cleaning and orgasms, there was little left of Carla, but the maid was very dedicated to keeping the house clean and her pussy wet.