Lucy pulled the sheets off the bed and spread the nanosuit out, it looked so small but they said one size fit all so she started to squeeze her way in to it.

Once she’d finished, she pulled out the controller and activated it.  After getting logged it the first set of options were all related to how the nanosuit looked.  She scrolled though several options, from full coverage to barely there bikini’s but decided on something in the middle.  The nanosuit flowed over her and split in to the gloves, tube top and pants she’d selected.

She worked the controller and started on the real options, take a few years off her age, sliming down her body, growing her hair out and taking care of some blemishes.  It took longer than she expected as the gloves made working the controller difficult.

When she was done, she spent some time braiding her hair to make it more manageable and then checked the time, Doug wouldn’t be home for another hour or so. 

Laying down on the bed she started to scroll through some of the available “pleasure packs”, pre-programmed routines that could be purchased.  She found one she thought would be interesting and selected “Perfect Posture for His Pleasure”, confirming the purchase.

She felt a warmth come from the nanosuit around her ass and she turned to the control, unsure what was happening.  Just was she felt the nanosuit start on her mind she realized her mistake, the confirmation message read:

“Thanks for purchasing ‘Perfect Posterior for His Pleasure’, your program will now begin!”

She rolled over and raised her ass in the air as her hands came to rest at her sides.  She laid there waiting for Doug to arrive so he could take pleasure from her now perfect ass.