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Jim arrived home after work and sat down and relaxed for a few minutes before checking his work e-mail for the last time today.

With nothing urgent, he leaned back and picked up the controller on the end table and pressed the “activate” button.

Clarebot activated in the garage, her head snapping up to attention along with the rest of her body.  She faced the concrete wall for a second before moving her feet together and turned towards the elevator.

The sound of her platform boots echoed off the walls until she stopped and pressed the button.

The ride up the elevator was short and she quickly found the apartment door, she opened it and strode in.

Walking in to the living room she found Jim sitting in his chair, his legs spread, his dick limp between them.

She dropped to her knees and crawled over, taking him in to her mouth.  She closed her eyes as she slide up and down his hardening shaft.  Jim’s meditation program was still running as Clarebot completed her daily meditation ritual and swallowed Jim’s cum.