Sandra didn’t understand what tapping her head in time to the music was supposed to do, but she had to admit that it had been helping.

Two months ago when he’d suggested it she’d scoffed at the idea, but he had come highly recommended so she’d relented and gone along with it.

After a few weeks, she’d started to feel better but the office had seemed to become hotter and hotter.  She’d found herself taking off more and more layers of clothes as the weeks went on.

Now she was sitting naked on his couch, tapping her head and feeling better than she ever had.

He walked towards her, naked as well and stood beside her.  He took her hand in his and moved it away from her head.  Her anxiety came back almost immediately and she almost panicked.  Just as she thought she’d lost it she felt his hand start to tap her head and everything was alright again.

He guided her head towards his cock, tapping the back of her head to get her right in front of it.  One last tap pushed her lips on to his head.

She looked up at him and blinked, unsure what to do.  He smiled and pushed her down his shaft.  She slide back up off of him and the back of her head ran right in to his hand once more.

She caught on quickly and once more went down his shaft and the back up, felling his hand tap the back of her head again.

She picked up her pace and was rewarded each time with the calming touch of his hand.

After several minutes she felt his cock stiffen even more and his hot semen enter her throat.  A quick double tap to the back of her head and her world exploded in orgasmic bliss.