Casandra waited outside the office, her long blonde hair spilling over her tailored suit, her legs crossed as she read the outdated magazine.

The light above the door change to green and she stood up and walked over and entered the therapist‘s office.

She’d been seeing him for several months after being “ordered” to by her companies HR department, for what they described as being “a massive tight assed bitch” that the employee’s were no longer willing to put up with.

It had been a simple choice, therapy or her job, so here she was.

At first she’d just faked it.  Making up something she thought he’d like to hear so she could “work through it” with him.  Then, after several sessions, something changed and she’d found his new technique very helpful.

The door closed behind her and she walked over to the couch, she looked at it for a second and then over at the therapist, “Should we just get right to it then doc?”

He nodded and she smiled.  She pulled her jacket off and then stepped out of her high heels so she could remove her pants.  Once her shirt was off as well she bend over and stepped back in to her heels and smoothed her stockings all the way up her legs as she stood back up.

She threw one leg over the couch, positioned her ass at the edge and leaned forward, stretching her arms over the other end of the couch.

She waited as the therapist walked over to start her therapy.  It started when she felt the tip of his dick push against her asshole and she let out a low moan.

She felt it slide in easier than last time, at this rate her asshole would no longer be tight in no time at all, his therapy really was working miracles for her!