Jen pushed the car hard in to the turn, running tire to tire with the first place car she was passing.  At the apex, as she inched in front of her opponent she saw him twitch ever so slightly, rubbing her tire and forcing her on to the grass.

She lost traction and spun out, sliding across the gravel trap and lightly bumping in to the tire wall.  She’d managed to engage the clutch before she stalled out and quickly tried to get in to reverse, but the loose sand under her tires gave her no traction and after a few futile seconds of spinner her tires she let off the gas and shut the car down.

She unbuckled her harness, pulled out the neck protector and poped the steering wheel and climbed out of the car.  Taking her helmet off, her dark black hair, pulled tightly in to a pony tail, fell free. 

A flash of a camera caught her eye and she glared at the media photographer.  He snapped another photograph and she tossed her helmet at fence in front of him and he flinched out of instinct.

She hated the media circus, why couldn’t they just leave her alone.

She jumped over the low wall to the waiting marshals, which took her to the medical center to get checked over.

“Look Jack, I don’t care what the officials’ say, anyone with eyes I their head can see I have the line.  He was in complete control when he bumped me off the track!”

“I know Jen, but the officials have ruled it a simple ‘racing incident’ and haven’t assessed any penalties.”

“That’s BS, it’s just because they don’t want a woman to win the championship, let alone an Asian woman.” she fumed.

“I’m not disagreeing, just be glad they didn’t decide to give you a penalty.  I guess once you were out they figured it wasn’t ‘needed’.“  He said.

“They would have, wouldn’t they?  If I’d gotten back on the track they’d have trumped up some stupid violation to make it impossible to win.”

“I know its not fair, but your talent is too great to deny forever.  Once you get your first win they’ll be no stopping you.”

Jen stood on the awards platform, on the top step right where she belonged.  They’d tried every dirty trick in the book to stop her but Jack was right, her talent had won out and she’d finish almost half a lap in front of the next second place car.

She held the trophy above her head and pumped it up and down several times as the flashes nearly blinded her.

The stage assistants came up to all three of the winners with three large bottles of milk to help celebrate the win.

She smiled set her trophy down before taking a sip. 

She’d heard that first sip was the best taste she could imagine and it was true!  She took another large swig, the milk spilling out around her mouth.  By the time she finished it, she was on her knees and everyone was looking at her. 

As soon as she felt her breasts starting to swell she knew what had happed, she was going to kill them!  She start to scream as much at the top of her lungs, but all that came out was a loud moan as her body betrayed her and she collapsed on to the podium in a wriggling mass.  The last thing she saw before loosing consciousness was the medics racing up on stage.

Jenni grabbed her mass of blonde hair as the photographer continued to take photos.

“Come on Jenni, smile!”  Called Jack from just off stage.

“Like, sorry, Jack.  Jenni forgot again!”

Jenni smiled, as best she could, her plump lips making it hard to form anything other than an inviting oval.  She leaned forward and pushed her tits together as well as the flash went off again.

Too soon the photoshoot was over and Jack came over to her.

“Great work Jenni, I think they got all the shots they need for the calendar.”

Jenni frowned, “But Jack, Jenni likes to pose for the camera!”

Jack smiled, slid his arm around her slender waist and squeezed her ass cheek.  She let out a moan and push up against him.

“Well Jenni, I’ve to a camera at home if you want to take some private photo’s for me.”

“Like, oh my god, yes Jack!” she nearly screamed out as a small orgasm rocked her body.

Jack led Jenni out to his car, he let out a slight laugh under his breath at the thought.  Just a few weeks ago, Jen would have been taking the wheel and driving them back to the team facilities, not giving him a second thought.  Now Jenni’s focus was entire on him, her only drive was to get in his pants and the only thing she was grabbing was his dick.

In fact she was already fishing his cock out of his pants as he drove back to his place, her lips eagerly sliding up and down his shaft.

He had to admit that the loss of her driving skills had been a huge blow to the team, but the deal he’d made with the owners to take her contract off their hands had been worth the loss.