Belinda rested her hand on Bonnie’s thigh as they stood on the steps to Lana’s pool.  They’d been spending a lot of time at Lana’s house since they’d dropped by a few weeks ago for a pool party.

Well, it really wasn’t Lana’s house any more, as a real estate agent she’d helped finalize the sale to her neighbour Gary last week.  She couldn’t believe Gary had been willing to pay a whole dollar for it and she was delighted at her commission, which he had provider to her right there in her office with her bent over her desk.

She looked up at Gary holding the remote in his hand as he pressed a button.  Suddenly her entire body shook and she let out a gasp.  When she opened her eyes again she was looking directly at Bonnie and she knew she’d just had the same feeling.

Without another thought running threw her head, their lips touched, followed by their tongues.

Belinda pushed Bonnie back on to the pool deck and pulled herself up and on top of her.  They both had the same thought next as they both started to remove their bikini.  Soon enough they were naked and in a 69 position, finding each others pussies wet, not from the pool, but their own juices that were flowing freely as their tongues exploded each other.

Gary watched the twins bring each other to orgasm, resting the remote beside him.