DJ Dark Chains was rocking the room like she did every Friday night.  She looked out over the crowd and setup the next couple of tracks to let the room whine down a bit as they were getting a bit over active on the floor.

“Hey Jenny, here’s the water you wanted.”  The runner called out to her over the music as he passed her a large bottle of water.

“Thanks Jimmy.” She called back as she took it and set it off to the side where no one could get to it.

She picked up the mike and called out to the crowd as one of the video guys swung a camera around and put up her face on the displays around the club.  There wasn’t much to see, her long dark hair covered must of her face and the mike covered the complete lower half to boot.

When she started the next track she grabbed the bottle of water and took a swig from it.  It tasted amazing so she took a second gulp, then a third and a fourth.

She was half way through the bottle when she came up for air and noticed Jimmy standing in the entrance to her booth.  She knew there was something wrong when she pressed the bottle to her lips again and a strange wave of pleasure washed over her. 

By the time she finished the bottle the changes were in full swing.  Her dark hair had lightened several shades, her breasts had ballooned outwards and when she licked her lips to get the last remnants of the water, they felt puffy and full.

Jimmy started towards her and she stepped back up against the wall, it’s strange geometric pattern giving her no where to go as the changes continued.  She felt it hit her mind just as Jimmy pulled something out of his pocket and slip it over his head.

She recognized DJ Dark Cain right away, her bitter rival, but it was too late and her mind succumbed to the pink fog that was invading it.

Jimmy leaned in and spoke firmly to his now rapidly changing rival, “Try and steal my handle eh?  No so confident now are you.  In fact those big new tits and puffy lips along with the bleached blonde hair really doesn’t make for the right look for DJ Dark Chains does it?”

Jenny only moaned in response.

“No, it doesn’t.  Your new name is BJ Pink Dreams and your are only interested in giving blowjobs and having men cum all over those big fake tits of yours.

That means we’re not rivals any more, in fact your now my biggest fan.  You can’t help but do anything and everything for the chance to get your lips around my dick while I’m spinning a track.”

BJ’s world exploded in a massive orgasm as the process completed and she slumped slightly against the wall as Jimmy pulled back and turned to the equipment in front of him.

Hi started to queue up the next set and BJ’s pussy came alive with need.

She push off from the wall and wrapped her arms around Jimmy’s chest, squashing her massive tits in to his back.

“Oh god Jimmy, I like, love to listen to you work!” she purred in to his ear.

She slipped under his left arm to get in front of him and slide her body down his until her knees were on to the floor.  She quickly fished his dick out of his pants and wrapped her lips around it, working her way up and down his shaft.

“That’s funny BJ, I like to listen to you work as well.”  Jimmy said, holding a microphone just to the side of her face as she slurped her way up and down his dick.

She was still at it when the next song started and he added in a background loop to it that no one could quite figure out.