Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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Julia looked around the VIP lounge of the airport, through the glass walls she could see the lights of the city twinkle in the distance.  The lounge was virtually empty, she only saw one other passenger in it and he was seated near the window.  She’d tried to look at him several times but couldn’t get a good look at him, there seemed to be a light out on that side of the lounge and he seemed to be shrouded in darkness.

She continue to work on her presentation for the board, she was flying out to present to them for her place as the youngest partner in the marketing firms history and she had to convince them she was worth it.

Just as she was about take a break she saw the airline representative come out from behind his desk and head over towards her.

“I’m sorry miss, the flight has been canceled tonight, one of the flight crew is unwell and we haven’t been able to arrange a replacement.  The next flight is at 6am tomorrow morning and we’ve rescheduled you for that flight.”

“Damn, I’m going to be late for my meeting.” she said, sighing.

“We’ve very sorry for any inconvenience.” he said as he turned away and started towards the other passenger.

Julia saved her work and closed the lid on her computer.  As she put it away she saw the rep reach the other person and start to speak, before he could finish she saw a weird red glow reflected off the window as he stood up.

Once he finished turning around, Julia found her eyes pulled towards the two glowing red embers where his eyes should have been and suddenly she felt herself stop packing up and instead stand up straight.

She stared right at him as she felt her simple business suit start to warp around her body.  The legs of her pants pulled up her legs and merged in to a skirt as the dark blue started to lighten and take on a slight sheen.

The jacket similarly started to change, the simple blue single breasted buttons moved and became a double row of shiny metal bobbles running up her stomach to her the base of her modest breasts.

At the same time her plain white blouse started to fade and vanish, leaving a deep scoop exposing almost the entirety of her upper chest.  

She felt her hair pull back and lengthen at the same time as her breasts started to expand to fill in their new home in the now bright pink latex outfit.

Suddenly she could move again and she wrapped her arms around her midsection just in time for a wave of pink fog rolled over her mind.  She turned her head and gasped as the pleasure washed over her.

Jewel walked in to the passenger cabin, the lone man sitting in first class was in his seat and seemed ready for take off.

She wiggled her way over to him and smiled.

“Like hi, I’m Jewel and I’m your personal flight attendant for your flight tonight!”

He turned his head and a flood of pleasure washed over her, she giggled and cast her gaze downward.

“Oh my gawd!  Your seat belt isn’t done up!  Here, let me help you with that…” she said, maneuvering herself in front of him and dropping to her knees.

She unzipped his pants, pulled them down and then loosely buckled the seatbelt around his waste.

“Oh, like, nows my favorite part, let me totally show you how to inflate your life preserver! *giggle*”

She wrapper her lips around his hardening dick and sucked it deeply in to her mouth, moving up and down his shaft.

She looked up at him as she worked her presentation to the best of her ability, she felt his cum hit the back of her throat and she knew she’d convinced him she was worth her title as a VIP Stewardess.

Inspired by Julia to Bimbo