Justine crouched on her knees and looked over at Alan as he walked in to VIP suite.  She’d been working at the casino for five years, she’d started just after she’d retired from stripping and wanted to make a clean break of it.

Everything had gone well and she’d been promoted to the VIP clients 2 years ago.  That’s when things had gotten awkward.  One of the VIP’s, Alan, had recognized her.  She’d danced for him many times and he’d been very unhappy when she had retired.

He’d been making innuendos since then and she’d turned him down, politely, each time.  Then a couple of months ago, the new VP of Client Services had shown up when just after Alan and stayed the entire time he was gambling.

It had been weird, she’d been flirting with him like old times at the club throughout the night and when he touched her hand a small gasp escaped her lips as a wave of excitement washed over her.

At the end of the night when he asked her to dinner the next night, she’d agreed without hesitation.  By the time it registered with her, he’d already left.

The next night had been a blur, she remembered him picking her up at her apartment (she still wasn’t sure how he’d gotten her address).  She also remembered giggling a lot at his stupid stories and jokes.  By desert she was playing footsie with him under the table and by the time they arrived back at her place they’d been making out in the limo for twenty minutes.

The next day when he’d picked her up for their “shopping” day, she was desperate to see him again.  

When they arrived at the stripper clothing shop (where she had promised herself she’d never go again), she clung to Alan’s arm and smiled as he lead her around the shop and she tried on outfit after outfit.  When they left, she had a dozen new outfits and several new pair of heels.

She had left her old sun dress behind and instead was wearing a pair of cut off jeans and a tight white t-shirt that just barely covered her tits.  Her comfortable shoes had been replaced with clear platform heels.

The next stop had been the salon, where she gleefully asked for her hair to be dyed the same blonde she’d had as a stripper.

When they left in the limo, she couldn’t stand it any more.  She pushed Alan back in to the seat, spread his legs and got down between them.  She unzipped his pants and wrapped her freshly painted lips around his dick and started to suck.

When his cum hit the back of her throat her world exploded as the orgasm ripped through her.

Justine had a small orgasm as she met Alan’s eyes and she smiled and let out a small giggle.  She’d been waiting for almost two hours since she’d gotten word he was in town again.

Alan placed his hand on her head and she leaned in to his crotch, placing her lips on his hardening member and purring to encourage him on.

“So, like did you win?” she asked, hopeful he hadn’t.

“Nope, lost again.” he replied.

She squealed in joy and got up, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply.  He grabbed her ass and squeeze, then gave it a hard slap.  In response she pushed her tongue in to his mouth.

Her pussy was so wet, she knew when the casino won he always wanted to fuck the casino and since she worked for the casino, he always ended up fucking her.

Maybe, if he’d lost enough, he’d really want to screw the casino and fuck her ass!