Sandra had had enough, the constant sounds of sex coming from the pool next door had been going on for weeks and she had guests coming over later.

She’d called the cops last week, several times and she’d seen the police cars arrive at least twice, but each time they left after 20 or 30 minutes and the noise continued.

Sandra opened her front door and walked out to the sidewalk and across to the house.  She knocked on the door and a few minute later she heard the lock unbolt.

She pushed her glass up and looked out over them in a penetrating stare, her greying hair falling to the sides of her face as she did so.

“Now look here…” she started as the door opened but found her mouth failing her at her neighbour Susan.  But it didn’t really look like Susan, the tiny star spangled bikini left nothing to the imagination and Susan’s body had changed as well.  Gone was the small framed woman and instead a statuesque goddess stood before her.

“Oh, like gawd Sandra, how are you!  Come in, you must want to see Gary!”  Susan said as she grabbed Sandra’s hand and dragged her in to the house, the door closing behind her.

Sandra tried to keep up as Susan pulled her towards the pool, as they crossed the threshold of the patio doors, the bright sun light momentarily blinded her.

“Like, Gary, Sandra’s here!  I brought her out just like you told me too!”

As Sandra’s eyes adjusted once more to the daylight she saw Gary, the neighbour from the other side sitting in a lounge chair, sipping a drink.

Just as she was about to speak her mind, she saw Gary raise something up in his other hand and press a button.  Suddenly she could no longer move and she watch Gary swing a leg over one side of the lounge chair and set his drink down.

“It wasn’t very nice to go to the police Sandra, though fortunately they came around to my point of view in the end.”

He pressed another button on the remote and suddenly she was standing naked by the pool.  Her aging body on display for anyone in the area to see.

Gary pressed another button and suddenly she felt a tingle wash over her.  When it passed she could just see parts of her arms in front of her, the newly young and healthy skin had a golden tan.

Gary worked the remote for a few more minutes and Sandra lost track of what was happening.

Sandy crouched at the end of the two lounge cots, naked, wet, horny and so happy it was Friday again!

Friday was her favorite day of the week because Michael and Thomas always dropped by just like now.  She smiled, licked her lips and pushed her tits out a little farther as the two police officers relaxed.

Michael said he liked fucking her in her ass because she had been such a pain his for all those years with the frivolous complaints she’d filed.  Thomas on the other hand liked to fuck her face so he didn’t have to listen to her any more.  She wasn’t sure what they meant, but it didn’t really matter as long as she got their cocks inside of her.

She started to play with her pussy as the guys started to get undressed, when Thomas sat back down, he patted his thigh and she crawled over on to his cote and started to suck his cock, moments later Michale positioned himself behind her and she felt his dick push against her asshole.

As Michael pushed deep in to her, the only thought going through her mind was how lucky she was that Gary had introduced her to two such amazing guys.