General Trevor relaxed by the pool, sipping his drink that Amazing Airbags had just delivered to him and she still stood beside him, the serving tray in her hands just below her massive tits.

She stood quietly waiting for his next order, looking adoringly at him.

The General took another sip before setting the glass back on to the tray and then worked his swim suit down to his knees.  Amazing Airbags nearly dropped the tray as she dropped to her knees and bent over to take her reward in to her mouth.

Ariel Amazonia looked through the binoculars at her cousin giving a blowjob to the traitor.  She brushed a stray lock of her blonde hair from her face that had become loose from the tight ponytail she kept it in.

Her hands tightened in anger until finnally one of the lenses cracked and obscured her view.

“Bastard…” she mumbled through clenched lips.  She checked her watch, just 2pm, still a good 8 hours to go before he’d finally call it a day and hit the sack, that’s when she’d have her opportunity.

She watched for a while longer before setting up the small monitor drone and leaving it to do it’s work.

Ariel reviewed the footage on the drone, the LCD display illuminating her face in the darkness.  She watched the debauchery on fast forward until the sun had set and they had moved inside, just thirty minutes ago the last light had gone off in the bedroom and so she turned the drone off and returned it to her motorcycle.

She watch the house for a while longer until she was satisfied no one was awake, her heightened sight and hearing picking up no movement or sound from the house.  She made her way down to the backyard and carefully worked her way around the pool to the back door and silently slipped in.

Walking though the kitchen and in to the living room she could make out several obstacles easily and maneuvered around them to the hallway leading to the bed room.  A quick pause at the end of the hallway to listen for sounds as she pressed her thin frame against the door, revealed just the normal, rhythmic breathing of two people in the master bedroom.

She stood back and prepared herself, she’d have to move fast to disable her cousin, the General would be easy enough to take care of after that.  She kicked in the door and and rushed towards the bed, about half way there she knew something was wrong.

They were sitting up in bed and her cousin had some kind of headphones on, General Trevor was smiling and holding a small device in his hand.  She lunged towards him but it was too late, he pressed the button on the device and a small red light illuminated as the ultrasonic bomb exploded in the room.

Ariel fell to the bed and grabbed her ears as her head felt like a balloon was being inflated inside of it, pushing her brain against her skull from the inside.

“You know I’m surprised it took you this long to pay me a visit Ariel, I’ve been expecting you for some time now.  The good doctor was kind enough to lend me this nifty little device, he said it would completely incapacitate you and he was right.”  General Trevor said as the room started to fade from the light gray of night to the blackness of unconsciousness.

“Just so you know, it was your cousin the noticed you in the bushes today.  She told me right away of course as I had instructed her too.”

Everything went dark as Ariel lost her fight against the encroaching blackness.

“Yes, just as you said Doc, sleeping like a baby.”  The General said as he spoke in to the phone.

“Good, good.  I assume you would like to add her to your ‘family’ and that I can count on your continued support?”

“Of course Doctor, of course.  But make sure to Hydro Silicone Injector on her like you did to her cousin, those tits of hers need some improvement.”

“Not a problem General Trevor.  I’ll have LJ drop by shortly to pick her up.”

The General hung up the phone and took another look at the helpless woman on the bed before looking up to Amazing Airbags.

“Like, can I totally take off these, whatcha call ems?”  AA said pointing to the ear protection still on her head.

“Not yet.”  He replied, holding out the small device, pointing at the still glowing red light.

She pouted and through her fists down on the bed, bouncing up and down, here massive tits moving counter to the rest of her body.

“Tell you what though, bend over the side of the bed and I’ll give you had good hard fucking while we wait for LJ to arrive.”

AA giggled and clapped her hands as she hurried to get to the side of the bed and in position.  When she did, she found herself looking right at her cousins face as the General slapped her ass and slid his dick in to her wet, waiting pussy.

Ariel squatted by the pool, her tits hanging out of her nearly transparent top, her ass nearly resting on her ankles pushed up by the red stilettos she was wearing.

Her long blonde hair flowed freely in the breeze as the sun beamed down, her hands instinctively parted her legs slightly and her hand found her pussy as the sound of her cousin sucking on the Generals shaft continued to excite her.

“Well don’t just sit there Ariel Airbags, come over and help your cousin.”  she heard the General’s voice say.

Ariel need no more incentive and quickly walked over and knelled beside her cousin, applying her lips to one side of his glorious shaft as her cousin focused on the other.

‘Gawd, ’ she thought as she worked all the way down to his balls, ‘I’m totally lucky to have found my cousin!  Now we get to share this awesome cock all the time!’