I didn’t really intend to start a tumblr blog.  I just wandered over here when the dearly departed Summer put me on a list and someone told me about it.  But y’all have been great at letting me know you like my stuff so this has become my primary outlet for the smut I produce.

The thing is there’s plenty of other great smut here in the Tumblr-verse and while I always try to like it, I haven’t been reblogging since I wanted to keep this blog mostly my stuff.

But my ‘like’ list is over 10,000 now, making it hard to find things I’d like to enjoy again.  So I’ve created a secondary blog, mostly for my own amusement, but if any of you are seeking smut in a vein that amuses me, here it is:

I’ve have… 22 likes… somehow I feel the lessor for it now in light of the above 😉