Julia looked up at the coach standing above her on the dive platform and looked as Innocent as she could.

“Look,” she said and pointed to her ankle, “its all healed up.”

She jumped up and down a few times to demonstrate to him that it could take her weight.

“Julia, it’s not about your injury.  You broke the rules and your off the dive team for this semester.” Coach Reynolds replied.

Ok, so maybe she’d gone a little overboard at the regionals at the end of last semester.  She probably shouldn’t have organized the ‘theft’ of their rival’s mascot costume.  And she certainly shouldn’t have suggested they hang it from the rafters by the neck…

But the only real problem was when she got careless, slipped and twisted her ankle.  Not only had it slowed her down enough to get caught during their escape, but she’d been unable to compete the next day and they’d been kicked out of the meet altogether by the end of the day.

“Look, why don’t you drop by my office after the team’s practice and maybe we can figure something out.”

Julia smiled, appreciatively on the outside, but wickedly on the inside.  She’d always been able to manipulate the coach with her smile and a little acting and it looked like it was going to work this time too.

* * *

Julia knocked on the coach’s door and entered when he called from within.

“Oh, hi Julia, come on in.  Take a seat.” he said as he stood up and walked over to the energy drink cooler he kept to the side of his desk and poured himself one.

“Do you want one?” he asked.  Julia thought for a moment, she wasn’t really thirsty, but the coach always stressed staying hydrated so why not.

“Sure.  Thanks coach.”

“Now, you can’t compete on the team, but I was thinking you could still participate in other ways, if your interested…” he said as he poured her drink.

“Of course coach, I’ll do anything!” she said, feigning excitement.

“Good, well, I was thinking we could use a mascot ourselves, to bring up moral after the regionals.” he said as he handed her the cup.

“A mascot… but…”

“I know, it’s not the same as competing, but it would go a long way to show you’ve really sorry about the regionals.”

“Well… I guess…” she looked down at the cup in her hand and nearly crushed it in her hand at the thought of having to wear some silly costume and run around like an idiot.

She lifted the cup to her lips and too a sip.

“Good, now I’m sure your going to do great.” he said as he watched her drink down the entire cup quickly.

Julia felt the drink flow through her and her entire body started to tingle.

“Wha… wha… whats happening?” she managed to get out before leaning back in to the chair and letting out a moan.

“You’ve been a pain in my butt for nearly two years, but you finally gave me an excuse to do something about it.  Nobody is even going to ask what happened as they’ll all going to just assume one of the students from the many schools you’ve played a prank on, finally decided to get even.”

The coach smiled as he watched the changes start, her long chlorine damaged hair came to life, rising from her head and filling with volume.

Her lips plumped up, filling out the entire lower half of her face as they dominated her visage.

Her low cut top started to move outward, her cleavage pushing it away from her narrowing waist.  By the time the changes were complete, her top was stretched nearly to the breaking point as her erect nipples were clearly visible under it.

Julia couldn’t focus on anything by the wave of new feelings washing over her, she didn’t notice the coach lean in and speak softly to her.

“That’s right, let it happen, your becoming the best little mascot a coach could every hope for.  Sexy, eager to please, obedient, bubbly and full of team spirit.”

The words hit her hard and when his hand dipped between her legs and found her clit, he body spasmed as the orgasm exploded in her mind.

* * *

Julia watch the opposing teams diver get ready on the platform and so she started in to her routine.  She ran her hands over her shiny silver spandex ‘swimsuit’ and then winked at him.

He lost his footing and plunged in to the pool, making a big splash.

Julia giggled and pranced around behind her teammates, they were sure to win regionals this year!

After all she’d spent the entire night in the opposing team’s door rooms show them exactly how much school spirit she had, or more correctly, how much school spirit should could suck out of each and every one of them.

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