Jen looked out the window, her bare ass exposed, the leather jacket keeping her warm.

‘No!’ she childed herself, ‘Jennifer, he calls me Jen but that… different.’

She turned her head over her should and looked at him, the camera taking another photo, her eyes pleaded with him to stop but the words that came out of her mouth betrayed her as the shiver of pleasure coursed through her body as she set eyes on him again.

“Humm… are you… sure… I mean… do I look… alright?”

“You look perfect Jen.” Henry said as he walked over to her.

He placed his hand on her bare ass and Jen felt the small orgasm washed over her as a moan escaped her lips.

“Now just turn around and open up the jacket for a few more shots.”

Jen felt a pang of loss as his hand left her ass cheek and she turned towards him as he walked back to the camera.

She opened the jacket, exposing her bare breasts as the flash went off again and again.

She thought back to just a few weeks ago when she’d been working at the casino as a waitress, Henry was the staff photographer taking pictures of the tourists for them as a memento of their trip.

He’d hit on her a few times in the past, asking to take some photo’s of her, but she’d always turned him down until that day.  Something was different and she just couldn’t say no.

Before she knew it she was posing by the bar as he took a few shots.

Then the next day it was in the staff room.  A few days later it was back at his place.

Before she knew what was happening she was giving him a blowjob as he recorded it on a handheld camera.

She closed her eyes and licked her lips at the memory of his cum running down her throat.  One of her hands found her pussy, the other a hard nipple as she lost herself in the memory of the massive orgasm she’d had.

She felt Henry’s hand grab the back of her head and pull it forward as he kissed her, probing her mouth with his tongue.

He pulled back and guided her to her knees, his hard cock sticking out from his naked body, she eagerly swallowed it as the camera continued to flash as it captured this bliss in her face.

‘How much longer until he finally fucks me?’ Jen thought, ‘I can’t wait to see the photos of it!’