Tracey wrapped up her presentation to the board, “So as you can see, the projections have held up and we’re selling 3 million units a month with a 286% profit margin.”

A small round of clapping broke out with only one exception in the room, Allan only glared at her in her sharp grey suite from the other side of the conference table.

“Thank you Tracey.  And that concludes the meeting.” the CEO said.

The board members all started to leave after making a show to each other of speaking with Tracey before they did so.

Allan left without saying a word to her but Dwayne, one of the board members caught up to him just outside the conference room.

“Allan, wait up.” He called out.

“Hey Dwayne, what’s up?”

“Good work on the project, it’s been a real success for the company.”

“You mean for Tracey don’t you?” Allan replied

“Look Allan, don’t take it personally, Tracey’s very ambitious and I know it stings she gets all the glory, but the board knows your the one that makes it possible.  And besides, you two actually make a good team in a weird way, you come up with the ideas and Tracey makes them marketable.”

“Don’t get me wrong Dwayne, I understand she’s very good at her job, but it’s the way she goes about it that ticks me off.  If she just asked instead of stealing away my staff, I wouldn’t mind so much.”

“Well don’t let it get you down, the board approved the increase to your budget so you got everything you asked for and more!”

“Yea, that’s really going to help out with the new projects I’m kicking off this quarter.”

“Good to hear, I look forward to what comes out of your department next.”

Tracey looked across the desk at the young woman, her short blonde hair was the complete opposite of her own long black hair she kept tight against her head and wrapped up.

Sue, the blonde, looked nervous and fidgeted in her seat.

“So, what have you got for me?”

“Well… you know Allan’s been working on something big, but I finally got a look at it.”

“Yes.. and?”

“Well, about what we talked about before…”

Tracey smiled inwardly, she’d had this conversation many times before.  Allan’s latest traitor had come to her just last week looking to move up faster than she could working under Allan.

After all Allan required people to work for their promotions, where as she just needed them to be useful for a little while and then she could get rid of them easily enough when they’d served their purpose.

“Of course, I have a first level management position available right now for the right candidate.” she said, knowing the last traitor had ‘left’ the company just last week after certain ‘facts’ had come to light.

“Well ok,” Sue said, reaching in to her pocket and pulling out a USB stick, “this is going to change everything.”

“Oh, how?”

“It’s going to revolutionize training, all kinds of training.”

Tracey furrowed her brow, “Training, that’s Allan’s next big thing.  That seems beneath him.”

“Not at all, this isn’t just some training aid, this is a whole new way of learning a new subject.  Just run the program, select what you want to learn and an hour later you’ll have a near expert level of knowledge about it.”

Tracey thought about it, such a tool would revolutionize everything from public school to advanced physics.  That is of course if they even released it to the public, such a technology could give their own company a huge advantage over their competitors too.

“It worked 100% of the time in testing and Allan has already offered it to some of his staff.”

“Alright, I’ll take a look at it over the weekend and if it checks out I’ll have HR do the paperwork.  Congratulations Sue.”

“Just one thing, that’s an early copy of the software, it’s the only one I could get access to without raising eyebrows.  As such it has a pretty limited number of training programs available, there may not be anything that interests you but that’s even better as what’s a better test than training someone is something they don’t want to learn?”

“True enough, I’ll be in touch next week.”

Sue smiled and left, leaving the USB stick behind.  Tracey picked it up and stuck it in her purse, there was no way she could load it on her work computer, but she had a disconnected PC at home that would be perfect for it tonight.

Tracey inserted the USB stick in to her PC at home and opened up the drive.  A single application file was on it so she clicked it and a full screen application started up.

A simple menu with four options was presented; Fashion, Etiquette, Company Policies and Social Studies.

Tracey thought about what Sue had said, they were not very appealing options, but the one that really turned her off was fashion.

Her wardrobe was filled with suits and sensible shoes, fashion was a waste of her time and she avoided even talking about it.

She clicked on the fashion menu item and the program switched to a new screen and started presenting some basic information.

Tracey blinked her eyes at the “Fashion Training Complete” message on screen and couldn’t believe it was complete.  She checked her watch and just under an hour had passed but she couldn’t remember the program running.

Tracey wondered if it had worked and so grabbed her phone and opened the browser to a celebrity gossip site and looked at one of the Hollywood stars, decked out in the Vera Wang dress from two years ago, Tiffany jewelery from the fall collection and the Louboutin shoes from last years spring collection.

Tracey shook her head, she knew everything about the outfit the star was wearing, details about where to buy them and how much they cost popped in to her head as well.

Tracey couldn’t believe it, it had worked even better than she’d thought possible.

She selected the “Etiquette” training program and settled in to see what it would teach her.

Tracey raised her head from the keyboard and looked at the computer screen, “Company Policy Training Complete” was displayed on the screen.

She checked her phone, it was just after 1am, she must have gone through all four programs.  Just like after the first one though she didn’t remember any details from them.

She yawned and stretched as she stood up, ‘Oh well, time for bed I’ll see how well they worked tomorrow.’ she thought to herself.

Saturday she woke up bright and early and took a shower and took care of her personal hygiene.  As she did so, her new fashion training kicked in and provided helpful tips.

She looked at the razor sitting on the counter, it had been a while since she’d shaved her legs, she grabbed it and started shaving.

Tracey turned to the full length mirror after finishing and ran her hands over her smooth legs and then up and over her now hairless pussy.  She blinked, she’d shaved her pussy?  She’d never done that before but the fashion training brought to the forefront of her mind the current trend to going hairless from the neck down and she shrugged her shoulders.

‘I guess there’s nothing wrong with it.  It kind of looks cute.’ she thought.

She walked out to her closet and looked at the grey and blue suits inside of it and sighed.  They were so boring all of a sudden.  Stylish yes, but not the current trend at all.

Maybe she’d do some shopping this afternoon.

Tracey dropped the bags on to her bed, the third load she’d brought up from the car and couldn’t believe how much she’d been missing out on!

She twirled around and her short pink skirt flew up and exposed her fancy black panties.  She walked over to the mirror, her high heels clicking on the floor and took a look at herself.  It had been the first outfit she’d bought, the pink skirt, white top hugged her body tightly, showing a bit of her mid section between them.

She smiled and started unpacking the rest of her outfits, tossing aside the suits from her closet to make room for her new purchases.

When she got to the black vinyl miniskirt she smiled as the memory of the store clerk came back to her.

She’d put the skirt on and come out of the change room to take a look at it in the mirror, but really she’d come out because the clerk was kind of cute.

She had spend the last twenty minutes flirting with him, the Social Studies training kicking in helping her out with making the appropriate choices for the situation.

For example it had kicked in when she caught sight of him in the mirror checking out her ass in the skirt, the training told her if she really wanted to flirt with him, she should bend over at the waist and make sure he got an eye full.

And so she did, bending over and spreading her legs and it clearly worked too as the strain in his pants had become quite obvious.

She held the pose for a moment and just as she was about to stand back up, she felt a hand on her ass.  It surprised her and she was about to complain when the Etiquette training kicked in and instead she wiggled her ass slightly and giggled instead.

She fell back on to her bed, remembering how he had taken her back in to the dressing room.  The Social Studies training kicking in to let her know that casual sex was very popular these days and the Etiquette training letting her know it was only right to reward good customer service as she dropped to her knees.

Tracey walked in to the office on Monday morning, earlier than anyone else, her heels echoing through the empty halls, her long overcoat covering everything but her purple heels and the bottom of her bright multicoloured stockings.

She swiped her badge and walked in to Allan’s lab, she walked straight over to the testing room and dropped her coat on a chair as she passed it.

She sat down on the edge of the door and started twirling her hair that she’d styled in to two pony tails.  She chewed her gum and blew a bubble as she waited, the Company Polices training running threw her mind telling her she had to wait for her boss to arrive before she could start work.

It didn’t take long, Allan walked in a few minutes later and she spread her legs and started to rub her bare pussy, pushing aside the skimpy panties she had picked up on Saturday.

The Company Polices training let her know that as company property it was her job to make sure her pussy was wet and ready to be used any time Allan wanted to.