Sasha came home to find Rick cooking dinner.  To say that was unusual would have been an understatement as she couldn’t remember him ever cooking.  Not when they were dating and certainly not since they’d been married.

She dropped her bag on the couch and entered the kitchen.  Rick turned and she raised an eyebrow instead of asking a question.

“Dinner will be ready in 20 minutes, why don’t you relax for a bit.”

She remained for a minute before heading out to the living room again and pondering what he was up to.  They’re marriage had been on the rocks for a while now but it had taken a nose dive a month ago when they’d been both up for the same promotion and she’d won out.

Rick had always had a competitive streak in him but until they’d gone head to head over the promotion she’d never suspected he could be so vicious.  She’d watched him destroy several of the other candidates in cold blood with personal information he had obviously been collecting on them for a while.

She could only imagine the look on his face when they’d told him they were giving her the job.  She smiled at that and then scolded herself for the thought.

“Dinner’s ready!” he called from the kitchen and she headed towards the dinning room, where Rick had gone all the way and even lit candles.  She sat down as he placed a impeccably prepared plate in front of her and a glass of wine.

He sat down with his own plate and started to eat and she followed suit.  Dinner was uneventful and consistent mostly of small talk, Rick avoid any discussion of work.

He cleared the plates and returned with dessert, a fluffy strawberry concoction of cream and berries.  She scooped out some of the cream and tasted it, it was heavenly and she quickly scooped up some more and sucked on the spoon to get every last bit of it.

She was so focused on the cream she didn’t notice the changes start, her body firmed up, her hair extend down, her breasts expand out and years drop off her appearance.

Nor did she notice Rick walking around the table towards her as she scooped the last of the cream in to her mouth and suckle on the spoon as she felt the orgasm building.

“That’s right Sasha, let it happen, let it all happen.  You’re not going to win this time or every again.  From now on your going to be my horny little plaything, happy to serve her man in any way she can.”

Sasha felt the orgasm wash over her as her world exploded.

Sasha stood by the fireplace in the living room, the frilly lingerie barely covered anything and while it excited her pussy thinking about it, she was still bored.

He hand wandered down to her pussy but stopped just inches from it, Rick had told her expressly not to play with herself until after he arrived home.  She pouted and looked in the mirror at her reflection, her makeup was perfect but she checked it once more, Rick would be home in an hour or so and that seemed like an eternity.

She pressed her lips together and checked her lipstick and she suddenly had an idea, she raised her thumb up to her lips and started to suck, quickly getting lost in the pleasure coming from them.

She lost track of time and only realized her mistaken when Rick’s hand slapped her ass and her thumb came out of her mouth with a pop.

“Bad Sasha, bad Sasha.” He said as he spanked her several more times, “Look at the mess you’ve made of your lipstick!”

“I’m sorry sir!  I won’t do it again, please sir, I’m sorry!”

He spanked her one last time and then spun her around, pushing her to the ground.  He had already undressed without her even noticing and now rubbed his hard dick over her lips, smearing the rest her lipstick over her face.

He grabbed both sides of her head and pushed himself in to her mouth and her pussy nearly exploded in need.  He pushed and pulled her head back and forth, using her mouth instead of her pussy to satisfy himself.

When she felt his seed hit the back of her throat he own orgasm rush through her and she knew that tomorrow her lipstick would remain flawless so Rick would see how good she had been and fuck her pussy just like he’d fucked her mouth today.