Part 1 * Part 2

I’m glad you liked it.  It was a little bit of a strange one as the first and third part had a lots of likes/reblogs but the middle part seemed to be less popular.

So this will be a two part answer, the first part is the serious one and the second is the sexy one.

When I wrote my first multi part story for tumblr I thought quite a bit about how to post it.  To do it as all one post required me to save the images and then repost them, which I didn’t like to do as I prefer to leave the original source on them.

Once I’d decided that, I considered three different ways to post them; all on the same day, one a day for three days or one a day over 6 days.

I decided on spreading them out because otherwise it’s just too much work to do the multi part stories, and well, this is a hobby after all.

So here’s a question back to you, would you like to have them posted all on the same day but knowing you wouldn’t get anything new from me for five more days?

To be continued in part 2, coming in 2 days…

Just kidding, I wouldn’t make you wait 😉

Honestly, don’t you think my way is the best way?  Isn’t my way *always* the best way?

Don’t you want to be on the edge… of your seat for days?

I know it’s *hard* to control your excitement as the words seep in to your mind as you read them again and again.  Each time going *deeper* then the last, each time you read it *faster* then the last.

You keep going deeper and faster, deeper and faster for days, stuck on the edge, until finally the last part is posted and you lose all *control*.

Your mind goes blank as the world vanishes around you.  All that remains are the words on the screen and you wait for the next cycle to begin.