Jessica knocked at her partner’s in crime, which wasn’t a euphemism as they were really in a criminal enterprise together, door once more and waited.  No answer came back and so she looked up and down the hall quickly before pulling out her lock pick and getting to work.

She closed the door behind her and walked in to the living room, which Nancy used as her lab, but found no sign of her.  She checked the rest of the apartment but returned to the lab when she found nothing.

They’d been working on the hack for the last several weeks but only gotten the nanosuit a few days ago.

Jessica walked over to Nancy’s computer and found it connected to the nanosuit controller, which had a message flashing on it.

“Factory reset failed, activating factory return mode.”

Jessica looked at the time, it was only a few minutes ago, she must have just missed Nancy leaving.  She grabbed the laptop and controller and quickly pushed them in to the laptop bag sitting beside the desk and head out.  She didn’t have much time before the private security would show up to “cleanup” the hacking attempt.

Jessica sat in front of her own lab and examined once more the code she pulled from Nancy’s laptop.  She had to admit it was an inspired attack vector but she could see what had happened, a minor typo in the code had caused the controller detect the hack and engage the return mode.

She recompiled the code after fixing the problem and adding some additional protections and then turned to the package on the table behind her.  It had taken a bit of work to get her hands on another nanosuit, but she was sure it would be work it.  She opened the box and pulled out the fresh controller and hooked it up.

Powering it on and ran the hack but the install seemed to fail, the screen simply read “Waiting for user to be detected.”

She looked at the simple black outfit that was still in the package and frowned.  She’d assumed Nancy had gotten careless and put on the nanosuit before confirming the hack had worked, but apparently the controller wouldn’t do anything until it detected someone was wearing the suit.

She pulled it out and held it up to her body, it seemed a little small but she knew it would expand to fit.  Taking off her jeans and t-shirt, her underwear follow afterwards.  She slipped in to the nanosuit and smoothed it down.

She checked the controller and a new message was displayed, “User detected, entering maintenance mode…”

Jessica watched intently as the hack installed and the controller rebooted, once it was back up and running the nanosuit shifted from black to a dark grey.

The hack had worked.

She flipped through the controller and found something simple to change, her hair.  She select a long blonde set of locks and hit apply.

“Applying selection, please wait…”

Jessica felt her hair start to grow and fall around her shoulders, the colour lightened from her dull brown to a golden blonde.

Checking the controller again a new message was displayed, “Complete.  Total cost of change: $0.00.  Thank you for your payment.”

Jessica smiled and started to make other changes, taking pounds off herself, clearing up her acne.  She even tried the clothing options and formed the nanosuit in to a set of black boots.

One final test was required and so she selected the mental options and found something that seemed safe, “Hands on”.

She hit apply and she felt it hit her mind, without thinking she set the controller down and her hands fell to her sides and then they found her thighs.

Jessica didn’t notice the message on the screen, “Warning, invalid code, hacking attempt detected!  Factory reset in progress.”

The bright sunlight of the day warmed Jessica’s face but she didn’t notice, her body took one step at a time as she worked her way down the street towards the factory.

Her hands were still firmly placed on her body and every dozen steps or so, the motion of her legs pushing her hands up and down, caused the pleasure to be too much and her body stopped and shuttered from an orgasm.

The factory was just a few hundred meters away, but it would still be hours before she arrived.