Daphne knocked on her aunt’s door again, harder this time in case Aunt Sandra didn’t hear her the first time, but there was still no answer.  She looked over at her friend Lauren, the blonde just shrugged her shoulders with a quizzical look on her face as they continued to wait.

“Look Daph, how long do you want to wait?  No one’s heard from her in weeks, maybe she took a trip or something?”

“No, she would have let someone know if she was going away.” Daphne relied and pulled out a key from her purse and inserted it in to the lock.

A quick turn and they were inside, everything looked to be in order and they quickly moved through to the backyard.  It was deserted but the grass was cut and tended to so someone had been around recently.

“God,” Laruen said, “do you hear that?” as she thumbed over her shoulder to the house next door.

“Yea, sounds like quite the… party.” Daphne responded to the sounds of sex coming over the fence.

“You know Daph, he might know something about your Aunt.”

“Yea but he’s so creepy.” Daphne signed but resigned herself to what she had to do.

They left the house, once more locking it and walked over to the next door neighbour’s house and knocked on the front door.  There was no answer for a moment and then the door swung open, a buxom blonde in a skimpy american flag bikini stood behind it.

“Like, hi!  I’m Lana, can I help you?”

“Uhh… I’m looking for Gary?”

“Oh, of course, come on in.” Lana said as she closed the door behind them and then skipped ahead, her large breasts bouncing up and down and the tiny bikini failing to keep them under control.

“Oh my gawd Gary, we’ve got visitors!” she shouted out towards the back yard.  A moment later Gary walked in to the kitchen in a set of swim trunks that was having difficulty restraining the obvious erection he had.

“Oh, hello ladies, your Sandra’s niece, Daphne, right?”

“Yes.” Daphne responded trying to avoid looking at the tent Gary’s trunks made.

“And who’s your friend?”

“I’m Lauren.” she responded, not looking at Gary at all and instead at Lana that had draped herself over the older man.

“Perfect, hang on just a sec…” Gary said as he raised what looked like a small black remote control and pointed it at Daphne.

“Look…” Daphne got out before Gary hit a button and Daphne froze mid sentence.

“What the…” Lauren started before Gary repositioned it to point at her and hit the button again.

Daph grabbed Lori by the hand and pulled her from the pool, “Like, Lori, hurry up or we’ll be totally late.”

“But, can’t we stay…” Lori pouted as she looked over at Gary, who was relaxing in the cot.

“Gawd Lori, all you think about is sucking Gary’s dick!  We’re going to be late if we don’t get moving.”

“*giggle* yea, but it’s so much fun!”

“Come on, you can suck his dick later.”

They headed to the front door and then over to Sandy’s house, letting themselves in and heading to the back yard.

“Oh my god Aunt Sandy!” Daph cried out at the sigh of her Aunt bent over a chair, sucking Thomas’ cock while Michael was sliding his dick in to her pussy.

“You started without us again!” Daph said as she undid her bikini top and rushed over to Thomas and dropped to her knees.

Lori did the same with Michael.

“See Lori, if we’re late we don’t get our holes filled first!  Next time we’re getting hear super early to make sure we get used first.”